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The Reason I’m Getting Married

I haven’t written a post in over two weeks, which is awful, but holy wedding crunch. Anyone who has had a big wedding knows that the final few weeks are insane with things you simply cannot do until the end, once you have a final guest count and subsequent names. I won’t bore you with the details, but you should know that I have two major blisters on my hands from a hot glue gun, the cases of wine for the rehearsal dinner may or may not show up in time, and the table layout is still in process...

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10 Reasons Why Nashville is the Ultimate Bachelorette Destination

If you’re a generally friendly person, you’ll likely attend your fair share of bachelorette parties over the years. I suggest opening a separate bank account right now so that you don’t miss out in the future, because friends get engaged in bulk. Trust me. Some brides might want you to travel to another country to celebrate their upcoming nuptials (yeah okay- have fun while I pay rent), while some may hold the shindig right in your backyard, but I think we can all agree that it isn’t about where you are, rather who you’re with. Being somewhere really fun...

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My Response to “23 Things to Do Instead of Getting Engaged Before You’re 23”

I just read a blog post by a girl who is 22, living overseas, and proudly single…so proud, in fact, that she wrote a post about why you shouldn’t get married young. Now, she didn’t give an exact age that one should reach before she approves of marriage, but she basically took the stance that your life is over once you’re married, plus you’ll probably get divorced. Essentially, being young and carefree means not having a ring on it. I can’t pretend that I’ve never thought that getting married in your early 20s would have its challenges, but after reading...

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