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Podcast Ep. 9: Ben & Lauren “Happily Ever After?”, Disney, & Hurricane Matthew

Finally! Another episode of the podcast! I wanted to catch up you up on life, which of course consists of discussing Bachelor Ben and Lauren’s new reality show (including my take on if Lauren has a right to feel weird about Ben’s ex, JoJo), a definitive ranking of Disney princesses, PLUS a reveal about our new puppy that we’re getting in 2 weeks! Among other ramblings, including the story of when I slept in the car during Hurricane Matthew. Enjoy!...

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Podcast Ep. 8: Miss America 2017 Recap

Savvy Shields, Miss Arkansas, is your new Miss America 2017! What do I think about pageants in general? What are my thoughts on whether the Miss America Organization is keeping the pageant relevant? Who is Landon the Intern? Were the talents really that bad? Who am I in love with (seriously)? How awkward can I make things when it comes to talking about hair? Find out all these questions and more, today on the Generation grannY podcast....

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Podcast Ep. 7: How Social Media Affects Relationships

Inspired by an episode of her own podcast, the How to Adult Podcast, I asked NYC [legit] fashionista Ashli Pollard to join me for an hour of discussing the MADDENING world of social media in terms of its affect on dating and relationships. What behavior do we have a “right” to get upset about? Is it “intrusive” to look at a new guy– or a boyfriend’s– page? Are couples who post lots of happy pictures together actually more miserable in real life? And how about this doozy: Is it ever okay to go through a significant other’s phone? Dun Dun...

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Podcast Ep. 6: Relationships, Breakups, and Being Bougie

Love, relationships, breakups, weddings– I’m fascinated by all things Romance. I’ve written about red flags in relationships (HERE), how to handle breakups (HERE), why I thought I was destined to die alone before meeting my husband (HERE), how I finally knew Aaron was It (HERE), and what it’s like to get engaged after just two months of dating (HERE). Naturally, “dating and relationships” needed its own podcast. Actually, I can assure you that this is just the first installment of many future podcasts focused on the love realm. This week, my new pal @williamhall4 (follow him on Insta!) helps me...

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Podcast Ep. 5: Miss America 2013 Weighs in on The Bachelorette

Only one episode of the Generation grannY Podcast with special guest, Miss America 2013 Mallory Hagan, was simply not enough! A second mini-episode (only 30 minutes this time) was a necessity. Mallory was featured on Desiree’s season of The Bachelorette, and considering I spend 3-4 hours of my week writing Bachelor Recaps, it only seems right that I get the scoop from someone who was on the show! Mallory even texted her old pal Chris Harrison (casual) on Monday night when we were watching JoJo’s Hometown episode! What did The Host with the Most text her back? Who do we...

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