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Bachelorette Recap, Finale, JoJo: 2 Guys, 1 Girl, 0 Jobs

Well, everyone. You did it. Take a moment and pat yourselves on the back. Through deli meat and bloody noses, through Yib Yab, sexual activity with horses, an endless array of skinny jeans, and the greatest music video of all time for “Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina”, you’ve successfully completed your Bachelorette 2016 journey. JoJo is engaged. “Happily” engaged? Perhaps not. But she’ll be darned if she doesn’t get at least six months of endorsements out of it! The finale is a “live event”, so we were graced with the presence of Chad (and his personal security guard), some people from...

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Podcast Ep. 6: Relationships, Breakups, and Being Bougie

Love, relationships, breakups, weddings– I’m fascinated by all things Romance. I’ve written about red flags in relationships (HERE), how to handle breakups (HERE), why I thought I was destined to die alone before meeting my husband (HERE), how I finally knew Aaron was It (HERE), and what it’s like to get engaged after just two months of dating (HERE). Naturally, “dating and relationships” needed its own podcast. Actually, I can assure you that this is just the first installment of many future podcasts focused on the love realm. This week, my new pal @williamhall4 (follow him on Insta!) helps me...

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It’s Time to Turn Off All the Noise

I heard a story on the radio once– or perhaps on a podcast– of a man who decided to drive across the United States without listening to any music, talk radio, etc. Nada. Anyone over the age of 50 (maybe even 40) is rolling their eyes right now. “Back in my day, no one even had radios– much less auxiliary cables–in their cars!” By the way, shout out to anyone older than 40 who reads this blog written by a millennial, because you appreciate its important topics including but not limited to The Bachelor, zodiac signs, and inappropriate clothing trends. You’re the real...

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Bachelorette Recap, Men Tell All, JoJo: Apples vs. Pickles

I think a part of me hopes during every Men/Women Tell All episode that the Bachelor(ette) will tell the guys that (s)he is no longer with the (wo)man (s)he chose, and now (s)he wants to get back together with #3 or 4. That never happens. Which explains why I’m disappointed Every. Single. Time. The good news is that we have a very eloquent Bachelorette this season, so she was actually able to explain herself really well to the men. I was relatively satisfied. But before any formal explanations, we get glimpses of the rejected men “behind the scenes” before...

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Bachelorette Recap, Ep. 9, JoJo: The Curse of Those Three Words

We pick up where we left off, which is ultimately just a lot of time for JoJo’s stylist to shine. He somehow found a skin tight gown that let her crouch and squat with seemingly no issues. Round of applause! Last week, the episode ended with JoJo freaking out because Luke just told her he loves her– right before she was going to send him home. I can’t even begin to explain how stupid it is for JoJo to send Luke home, but these recaps aren’t about my opinions, so I’ll let you form your own. (If you disagree...

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