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Bachelorette Recap, Rachel, Ep. 4: Quirks vs. Quorks Vs. Corks

Obviously I have to start by apologizing for getting this up a day late. I had a particularly busy day of work yesterday for my *real* job. Not that this isn’t real. Bachelorette recaps are about as real as it gets. But Chris Harrison hasn’t offered me the Date Card Writer position, so for now, I must prioritize the place that sends me money to pay for heaps of maternity clothes because I already don’t fit into anything I own. The deal is that I work from home on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, then go to the office on Thursdays–...

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I Don’t Bake, but there’s a Bun in the Oven.

About six weeks ago, my husband and I were sitting on our couch eating our favorite fancy dinner: Singapore Rice Noodles from No. 1 Chinese. It was Aaron’s last night home of a quick four day visit, since his ship was down in Florida for Fleet Week. His two month patrol had already begun, but they let him fly home to help me move into our new house…which is unheard of. No complaints. All week, we spent 8-10 hours/day lugging everything from our old one bedroom apartment into our beautiful new house in a true blue suburban neighborhood. [Shout out to myself...

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Bachelorette Recap, Rachel, Ep. 3: Never Have I Ever

Proof that they really need to go back to having rose ceremonies at the end of each episode: I almost didn’t understand why there was commotion at the beginning of the episode, and had to dig really deep to remember that DeMario’s “girlfriend” aka Tinder hookup showed up on a group date, got him sent home, and then he showed back up to the mansion to talk to Rachel. In the seven days since I last saw DeMario talking to Chris Harrison in the driveway of the Bachelor Mansion, I drove 8 hours to and from Charleston, SC with my four best...

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Bachelorette Recap, Rachel, Ep. 2: Smitten Kitten

I feel like Rachel is bound to have success this season because she’s able to start each day with a clear head. How do I know this? Because her bff Copper is by her side every step of the way, forcing her out of bed, helping her put on makeup, and joining her on her morning contemplation walks. Having a furry family member with you is the key to staying grounded and reminded of real life, which will in turn keep the fantasy-driven decisions to a minimum. Just my prediction, based off an undergrad degree in Psychology, which means basically nothing....

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Bachelorette Recap, Rachel, Ep. 1: There’s No Whaboom in Me

Rachel looks so darn good with that side part, and I really need everyone to remember that that was my idea. From last season’s episode 3 recap: “I think Rachel could benefit from a side part, but I trust stylists to make the right choice when they prep her to become the next Bachelorette.” I really enjoy patting myself on the back when I get something right, which I assume all of my regular readers have noticed by now. Self love, people. It’s a thing. We get a little flashback of Rachel’s history with Nick, watch her play some bball...

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