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Adulting Woes: Emergency Rooms, Home Warranties, & 18 Wheelers

This post will be short and sweet bitter, and I’m writing it mostly because I feel the need to record my life’s most recent events for my future self. Future self can read this and a) laugh, b) realize she’s had worse weeks, or c) reminisce about the “good ole days” that “seemed so hard.” THEY ARE HARD, OKAY FUTURE SELF?? Where shall we begin? In the last 24 hours alone, we could start with the late night trip to the emergency room, or perhaps the living room floors flooding up from beneath the floor boards out of nowhere?...

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Beach Gladiator: The Thigh’s the Limit

As promised, today we get to talk about chub rub. My school teacher friend texted me last night to say she’s concerned that she shouldn’t Google “chub rub” for fear of her search history endangering her career, so I guess this means I should take the time to save you from the extremely inaccurate and disturbing definitions on Urban Dictionary. Chub rub is pretty PG, don’t worry. Think chafing. Thigh rash. Heat irritation. Waddle throb. I have to admit, I’m among the #blessed women who never experienced such discomfort until pregnancy. But about 10 weeks in…and already 15 pounds...

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Charlottesville, Racism, & Basic Human Equality

Today, I was supposed to write a sponsored post about the joys of chub rub (you heard me correctly– a sponsored post about chub rub), but I first feel the need to say something about the events that happened in Charlottesville– 2.5 hours from my home– last weekend. The chub rub will have to wait until tomorrow. As I’ve mentioned before, I really don’t believe in talking politics on social media. I don’t think it accomplishes much in terms of swaying the other side, so I prefer to put my beliefs into tangible actions outside of the computer screen. Some...

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Bachelorette Recap, Rachel, The Finale: Give Me That Ring!!

You gotta give it to producers. They know what the people want. All of us tuned in for two reasons last night: To see who Rachel would choose even though it was super obvious since literally Week 1, and more importantly, to enjoy some solid Bachelor in Paradise teasers. With that knowledge, these evil little producers thought to themselves, how do we ensure that we get Bachelor Nation to watch all THREE hours of the finale? We combine After the Final Rose into the actual episode, therefore showing the proposal an hour later than normal, and save BIP footage until the...

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Bachelorette Recap, Rachel, Ep. 10: Men Tell All

Lauren W, you are amazing. Thank you for the Venmo inspiration this week! I really need it to concentrate, because Aaron and I just found out the gender of our baby this morning! It’s hard to focus on reliving the shenanigans of last night when all I want to do is start picking out nursery decorations. Also, this baby is a mover and shaker, so it feels like I have a drum set inside my stomach, which is kind of distracting, as you might imagine. Speaking of babies, does Chris Harrison have Benjamin Button syndrome? Because that man looks 5...

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