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Bachelorette Recap, Rachel, Ep. 1: There’s No Whaboom in Me

Rachel looks so darn good with that side part, and I really need everyone to remember that that was my idea. From last season’s episode 3 recap: “I think Rachel could benefit from a side part, but I trust stylists to make the right choice when they prep her to become the next Bachelorette.” I really enjoy patting myself on the back when I get something right, which I assume all of my regular readers have noticed by now. Self love, people. It’s a thing. We get a little flashback of Rachel’s history with Nick, watch her play some bball...

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Bachelorette Recap Pre-Cap: Meet Rachel’s Boyfriends

*This post is dedicated to the relationship of Ben & Lauren. RIP* Good thing they put that question mark at the end of their show, Happily Ever After(?). Listen, my theory is that Lauren’s physical change after the show (IDK if you noticed that she lost half of her body weight, which was a feat because she was .07% body fat to begin with) reflected an internal change that didn’t bode well with young Benjamin’s expectations. What’s the saying? Men marry women thinking they’ll never change, and they always do. Women marry men thinking they’ll change, and they never...

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Finding a Doctor Who is Actually Worth the Copay

I’m not a particularly sickly person. On top of my general good health (knock on wood), I grew up with the minimal-medicine lifestyle. My mother was an nutritionist, and a big believer in the phrase “You’ll be fine!” Don’t get me wrong, she was a great mom and went above and beyond us kids were sick, but medicine was always a last resort. We occasionally got some Dimetapp for a cold (grape flavored all the way), or some antibiotics when you had strep throat or an ear infection, but that’s about it. By the way, I was queen of ear infections,...

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“Oh Shii…take Mushrooms!” A Stir-Fry Recipe Review.

You all seemed to enjoy my last recipe review, so let me feed your interests. (See what I did there?) I’ve always been told that people respond to Food & Fashion the best when it comes to blogs, but I refuse to stop writing about the benefits of silence and why women shouldn’t compete with each other. Maybe someday reading inspirational essays will become the new craze! Nonetheless, I can’t deny the entertainment and practicality of Food & Fashion, so I’ll be sure to keep adding to those categories regularly. I even signed up for a photoshop/photography class, so soon...

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5 Olympians (2016) Most Likely to Grace a Wheaties Box

Here’s the thing about the Olympics: Only two sports matter. Swimming and gymnastics. Oh my gosh, all the water polo and archery fans hate me so hard right now. I’m halfway kidding, guys, calm down. Listen, I’m thrilled for the U.S. gold medal in shooting, which we won over the weekend. I was thoroughly entertained by the volleyball match I happened to catch on the gym T.V. on Saturday. And I have a deep love for the equestrian team since joining it was my dream from ages 9 through 16, but the odds of a single horse being shown on television...

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