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Why I’m Not an Instagram Mom-to-Be

Being pregnant is truly a blessing. As someone with a firm faith in God, I say those words with a conviction that goes far beyond a hashtag or flippant expression. I am incredibly grateful that God gave me the opportunity to grow a child. I don’t think he blesses anyone else “less,” so to speak, but he definitely allows other women to go through challenges with childbearing that I have yet to face, while I’ve gone through challenges in other areas of life that perhaps they haven’t faced. Sometimes the word “blessing” feels awkward for me to use, because I...

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Miss America 2018 Predictions

As far as making Miss America predictions this year, I wanted to get into it– I REALLY did, but after a week of replacing my living room floors, tracking Irma in hopes that my Coast Guard husband doesn’t end up in some Perfect Storm replay, attempting to sleep while a human lives inside of my belly, and discovering how much weight I’ve gained in the last 5 months, there’s just wayyyy too much #reallife happening to spend much energy formulating words to describe contestants who can’t remember what cheese or chocolate tastes like. Still, because I’ve been pretty pleased with my...

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We Need to Talk About the Next Bachelor: Arie Luyendyk, Jr.

Doesn’t it feel like just yesterday that Whitney Houston passed away? And when Gaby Douglas slayed the Olympics, and her teammate McKayla Maroney was #notimpressed with her silver medal? What about when “Call Me Maybe” was the #1 summer jam? Or when Prince William + Kate announced they were pregnant with lil King George? Is it just me, or do those things not feel that long ago? Right? THEN WHY ARE YOU ACTING LIKE EMILY’S SEASON OF THE BACHELORETTE HAPPENED WHEN YOU WERE IN PRESCHOOL. I’m sorry, but what were you watching in 2012 if not Emily Maynard find love on The...

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13 Confessions

Until one month ago, I was still using my ex-boyfriend’s Hulu account. He and I broke up 3 1/2 years ago. Chris, if you read this, I’m sorry if you wondered why Hulu kept suggesting Nashville and Project Runway. I have to actively tell myself not to judge people’s relationships who tell me “two months isn’t bad” each time Aaron leaves for a patrol. Mint chocolate anything is gross, including mint chocolate chip ice cream. I hide my razor and toothbrush when we have guests because I’m afraid someone will use them. We may just name our child “Baby”...

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Adulting Woes: Emergency Rooms, Home Warranties, & 18 Wheelers

This post will be short and sweet bitter, and I’m writing it mostly because I feel the need to record my life’s most recent events for my future self. Future self can read this and a) laugh, b) realize she’s had worse weeks, or c) reminisce about the “good ole days” that “seemed so hard.” THEY ARE HARD, OKAY FUTURE SELF?? Where shall we begin? In the last 24 hours alone, we could start with the late night trip to the emergency room, or perhaps the living room floors flooding up from beneath the floor boards out of nowhere?...

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