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The Birth Story of Anderson Thomas

So we had the baby. Anderson Thomas Leyko made his debut at 4:39am on December 24, 2017, weighing in at 8lbs 5oz and measuring 20.5 inches long. This was the first time I’ve pulled an all nighter since the chorus class lock-in in 9th grade. It was a proud moment on many levels. Birth stories are either of great interest to you, or they may seem like the same old boring tale on repeat, just with minor personalized plot twists that don’t really add much pizazz to the overall story. Baby was in womb. Baby is in world. The end. But...

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Enjoy That Diaper Bag

I recently started writing a post about the salty/shady statuses and pictures I’ve seen flooding my newsfeeds as of late (none directed my way, for the record), but we’ll save that draft for another time. Just know that trying to bring someone else down with a jab on social media tends to be a lot more embarrassing for you than it is for them. You get to look forward to a whole blog post on that subject, though, so that’s all I’ll say for now. I’m switching gears because last night, our car was broken into. About a month ago, Aaron...

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How Pregnancy Affects Your Existing Relationship

I think this is the longest I’ve ever gone without updating my blog. FORGIVE ME. I have no great excuse other than it’s hard to find a position comfortable for typing these days, considering my belly is carrying a human that currently weighs more than my dog. Fact. Excuses aside, let’s get down to business. As the urge to write has crawled back into my fingers over the last few weeks, I’ve tried to figure out what I wanted this next post to be about. At first, I was determined to take the focus off of my pregnancy because–...

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Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years?

I am in a charmed stage of life right now. I’m knocking on every piece of wood I can find. I have a funny, good-looking, caring, faithful husband. I have a family that I adore. I have a perfect puppy…and we’re getting another one in July. Another “perfect” one? Well,  I guess we’ll find out. I have friends who call and leave me voicemails just to see how I’m doing, friends who cook me food on a weekly basis, and friends whose simple texts make me laugh awkwardly in public places. I have general good health, enough resources to...

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Buying a House, Running a 1/2 Marathon…Not Much Goin’ On

Wow, hi, it’s been awhile. Remember me? The name’s Shannon. Nice to see you again! Bachelor recaps took over my blog life for the past few months, but it’s high time I post something that doesn’t revolve around a 36 year old man who loves skinny jeans 30% more than he loves his fiancé. I think today’s post needs to be something of a catch up, so enjoy the random thoughts and stories that will likely hold no cohesive theme or purpose. Some of you may have seen on Facebook that I’m doing the Brooklyn Half Marathon in t-minus...

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