Don’t worry, the pen name “Shanny the Granny” isn’t going anywhere, despite the fact that everyone associates me with underwear the size of a crib sheet. That’s alright. I have nothing agains practical undergarments. Shanny the Granny I shall remain.

However, it’s time for a little blog shake-up. I’ve loved the umbrella that Generation grannY provided for my content these past five years, writing as an old lady trapped in a millennial’s body. So much of my personality and interests definitely fall into that bucket, but there’s so much more. I am so much more. My readers are so much more.

So for the fourth time since I started blogging 8 years ago, I am rebranding.

What started out as Shannon’s NYC (2011)– a riveting blog about my daily life in New York City (shout out to the four people who read it regularly- hey Dad!)– morphed into Generation grannY (2014). And the first iteration of Generation grannY once again morphed into a new look with a heavy emphasis on wine, which made for a ridiculously fun photo shoot (2016). Now, in 2019, it’s time for a new name. A new umbrella. A better way to draw in all of you crazy-wonderful people who have found yourself reading what I write, even though you know full-well that Bachelor recaps are just a procrastination tool. Actually, you’re welcome.

This new name, logo, look, website– all of it– is coming your way in just a few months, in conjunction with our move to Alaska. (Still can’t believe that’s a thing.) What I hope is to provide much more direct, hands-on advice on subjects like motherhood, relationships, and self-motivation. I’ll still be doing Bachelor Recaps, but also dishing out some more pop culture commentary because I am a believer in mind-numbing information. Speaking of being a believer, I also plan on incorporating faith-based content, like devotionals or scripture studies. Lastly, I want to reach my fellow military spouses who need help navigating some of the absolutely ridiculous and confusing waters of the service world– which can easily come full circle back to motherhood, relationships, and self-motivation. Or Tricare.

The biggest shift will be my hope to encourage and inspire all of us to embrace change. As a Navy brat and Coastie wife, this has become a particularly refined skill in my life. I think everyone would benefit from intentionally incorporating change in their lives, because change is how you grow. It’s how you learn and thrive and discover that your chai latte is a thousand percent better if you use soy milk instead of the regular kind.

And– news flash– change is inevitable. New beginnings are just a part of life, even if you don’t have a husband who gets stationed in Ketchikan, Alaska for three years. When you become a mom– it’s new. When your baby turns into a toddler– it’s new. When you fall in love or get married or your husband starts snoring out of the blue– it’s new. It’s new when you get a promotion or adopt a puppy or start a workout regimen. Change is everywhere, so you might as well be on the offense. Seek it out. Recognize it, and let it shape you into the best version of yourself– the one God specifically designed you to be.

I can’t WAIT to unveil this new brand. I mean– hi– rebranding IS change! It’s kind of perfect. For now, I leave you with that teaser, and invite you to PLEASE comment or reach out to me to tell me the things you MOST hope that I write about as this blog shifts, once again. I feel so honored to have a platform to share experiences, make you laugh, and provide helpful perspectives. This rebranding is in response to the direct requests for specific content, and stats which have revealed what you most enjoy– so please don’t hesitate to give me even more insight into what you’d like to read! Unless it’s about video games or calculus. Not going to happen.