Welp, I’m officially the worst.

After 7 years of blogging, this is by far the longest I’ve gone without writing. I promise it’s not just because I’ve been binging Queer Eye on Netflix…though I have been doing that, as well. As should you. I’m not saying my husband and I both teared up every single episode, but I’m not saying we didn’t.


Anyway, as many of you know, I started working full time on April 1st, while still being a full-time mom. Okay, let me rephrase, EVERY MOTHER who actively loves her child is a full-time mom. Moms don’t stop being moms just because they’re in the office. #soapbox

Rather, I should say that I’m still the one keeping Anders fed and alive 24/7 while also working a super fast-paced job. It’s been interesting. Luckily, my work doesn’t feel like work, so I’m not miserable or stressed– which is a #blessing for a 9-5 (yaaa righttt more like 7-7) job. I feel more like myself than I have felt in quite a long time, because I’m finally using my talents in a way that feels productive. Working directly with python wrestlers, psychic mediums, archaeologists, interior designers, and comedy troupes all in the same day just comes naturally to me. What can I say? Born to be weird, and I’ve found my people.

weird gif

In the middle of phone calls or editing footage, I often have to quickly change a diaper, put Anders down for a nap, or kiss his little face. He is really great at entertaining himself while I work, which is helpful, but– needless-to-say– I’m BEAT by the end of each day from double-tasking when he’s awake, and then working double-time when he’s asleep.

We’re 280 words deep for me to finally address what I need to address: What’s the fate of my Bachelor[ette] recaps?

Many of you have asked if I will be recapping this season of The Bachelorette. After all, I already skipped Arie’s season, which was RIDICULOUS because of COURSE the one season I skip, the winner lives literally 4 minutes down the road from me, and she and Arie even attended my church a few weeks after the finale. Oh the insight I would’ve loved to share on the blog, but alas, I was in the dark hole that is the first two months of motherhood. Let’s all just breathe a sigh of relief that I came out of those weeks alive.

other side

Now that Anders is a bit older and I’m back to my normal level of mental stability (not saying that’s a particularly high level), I considered recapping Becca’s season. I even went so far as to promise a few of my readers who’ve reached out that I will write recaps on Saturdays, so you can read them before the next episode airs on Monday, but…

I AM A DIRTY LIAR AND I’M SO SORRY. Plz don’t hate me Iloveyousomuch.

Guys, I can’t. I just can’t. Mama’s brain can only handle so much creativity. By the time Saturday rolls around, I’m basically a semi-functioning mombot, and any remaining humanity inside of me is focused on spending time with my husband, who I see for about 2.5 seconds each evening when he gets home from work before we pass out at 8:30pm.

That said, I will fill you in on a few things: My money was and is on Garrett from the moment I saw his lil’ midwestern grin in his ABC bio. Before the show aired, I chose him as my #1. If you don’t believe me, I’m happy to put you in touch with a friend who can vouch for me. He got the first impression rose, so I’m feeling like a freaking boss genius. Let’s hope he’s not actually a horrible human based on the whole Instagram scandal.

My other top 2 (pre-watching) were Jean Blanc because he seems well-rounded, and Connor because his hair stands up really high, and that tends to be a direct indicator of success on The Bachelorette.


Let it be known that I fell HARD for Joe the grocery store owner, and Aaron and I both debated if we’d continue watching this season when Becca sent him home the first night.

There’s so much more to talk about, like Becca’s near-death experience by way of one man’s crotch almost decapitating her, and the fact that I’ve never been so attracted to a chicken. (Is this saying I’ve been attracted to a chicken on some level before? That’s too much for me to unload here.) But that’s all I’ve got time for today.

I’m hoping to write at least every other week from here on out, so while I am retracting my promise to recap this season, I do promise to give my input/insight– even if it’s not a play-by-play like seasons past.

Oh, by the way, Colton or Ryan will become the new Bachelor. Mark my words.

PS- Ashley and Jared?? I have allllll the mixed emotions about it, but hey. I hope they’re happy. Love is a wonderful thing.