Part of me wants to write a few individual blog posts about common statuses I’ve read on social media that have been REALLY bothering me lately, but honestly, it’s not worth getting worked up enough to dedicate a few precious hours of my life arguing about each.


So I’ll just say this:

  1. Not everything you read or hear on the news is truth. I have *major* issues with Trump, just like most of us, but let me clear something up: OUR MILITARY IS IN PUERTO RICO HELPING WITH HURRICANE RELIEF. Stop spreading fake news. Stop it. How do I know this information, you ask? Because my husband is there. Right now. His Coast Guard ship– along with dozens of others– has been there for weeks, delivering food and provisions, and working extremely hard to assist residents. Let me spell this out, just for good measure: I am seven months pregnant, and my husband is away from home for two months on orders to help with hurricane relief (including in Texas and Florida before Puerto Rico). I cannot begin to tell you how maddening it is to sit quietly as people spew about things that they have no true knowledge to back up simply because that’s what the media is feeding them. I want you to imagine being pregnant, missing your husband for two months, and then reading about how what he’s doing “isn’t happening.” Stop with the madness. You don’t have to like Trump. I know I don’t. But that does NOT mean you get to just repeat whatever you hear as though it’s truth. It’s offensive to the men and women who are away from their families serving the areas in need, and it’s offensive to those of us back home missing them. *If your first reaction to reading this first hand information is defensiveness/frustration because it doesn’t line up with your narrative, I challenge you to question if you actually care about the residents of Puerto Rico, or if you care more about being “right.” This should be good news to your ears.*
  2. Why are we pitting prayer against action? In wake of Vegas, I’ve seen countless posts about how I should “shove my prayers up my butt.” Listen, I agree that we need to take political action. I have, and will continue to do so. HOWEVER, the God I am praying to is way more powerful than any congressman, trust me. AND EVEN IF YOU DO NOT BELIEVE IN GOD, why are you completely disrespecting a group of people who believe in a certain religion or higher power? One hundred percent of the people who’ve posted about how “thoughts and prayers mean nothing” are people who *claim* to be the most open-minded, “love first,” inclusive, pro-religious freedom people out there. Then act like it. If people were making fun of Muslims praying or Buddhists meditating, I bet these same people would act as though it’s the end of the world for someone to mock those practices on social media. Then stop belittling Christianity. If you’re going to be inclusive, be completely inclusive. And please remember: The book of James says “faith without deeds is dead.” So YES, action and prayer go hand-in-hand. They should be a reflection of eachother. I get that, and challenge my fellow Christians to let that marinate. But there’s no need to pit the two against eachother or be entirely disrespectful of someone’s faith. Even if you don’t share my beliefs, I personally know that God is powerful, and I cannot sit back and not stand up for that truth.

There we go. Whew.


In other news, did you know AOL Instant Messenger is shutting down this December?? I mean, no one’s life will really be affected because no one uses it anymore (gchat for the win!), but for those of us who spent hours coming up with the perfect screen name in 7th grade (krazyme88 will follow me forever), we officially have one more item on the list of things we’ll have to explain to our kids someday. “Back in myyyy day…” Ah, how the world keeps turnin’ on!