1. Until one month ago, I was still using my ex-boyfriend’s Hulu account. He and I broke up 3 1/2 years ago. Chris, if you read this, I’m sorry if you wondered why Hulu kept suggesting Nashville and Project Runway.
  2. I have to actively tell myself not to judge people’s relationships who tell me “two months isn’t bad” each time Aaron leaves for a patrol.
  3. Mint chocolate anything is gross, including mint chocolate chip ice cream.
  4. I hide my razor and toothbrush when we have guests because I’m afraid someone will use them.
  5. We may just name our child “Baby” because we simply cannot think of a boy name.
  6. I often use the dryer as an additional dresser drawer.
  7. I used to hate Hilary Duff, but now I love her.
  8. My husband already knows this, but I had a dream that I hooked up with Jon Snow.
  9. If I ever feel like a new friend or random acquaintance is using me as a point of sale for their multi-level marketing business, I completely shut down. (Family/real friends are different.)
  10. Few things give me more anxiety than a fridge full of food that is expired, or leftovers that are questionably old.
  11. I really, really don’t like to sing upon request.
  12. Last night, I put a heavy suitcase in front of my bedroom door to feel safer.
  13. I don’t like fruit on or in my dessert, but sometimes I pretend to because it makes me seem more mature.