I am in a charmed stage of life right now. I’m knocking on every piece of wood I can find.

wood knock

I have a funny, good-looking, caring, faithful husband. I have a family that I adore. I have a perfect puppy…and we’re getting another one in July. Another “perfect” one? Well,  I guess we’ll find out.

I have friends who call and leave me voicemails just to see how I’m doing, friends who cook me food on a weekly basis, and friends whose simple texts make me laugh awkwardly in public places. I have general good health, enough resources to travel regularly, and a job that I really really love. A car. A house my husband and I just bought yesterday (ermergerd). A recent discovery of HALO ice cream, which is only 240 calories for the entire pint. God is goooooood.


They say you can only have two of the following three things at once:

  • A job you enjoy
  • A great place to live
  • A good relationship

I have all three and it’s making me super nervous. But I also know that sooner rather than later, something in my life will probably tense up. Not to be a Negative Nancy or anything, but I certainly know to treasure charmed moments like the one I’m in, because dark ones always creep up when you least expect it.

On THAT happy note, I wanted to reflect on the whole career thing. Most people have no idea what they want to do. They just end up doing whatever they stumble into. Or maybe they know exactly what they want to do, then do it and don’t love it, but keep doing it anyway because what else are they supposed to do, right?

really well gif

I don’t know if I’ll always love what I’m doing right now. I’m getting deeper and deeper into the unscripted television world, and find it so intriguing. I’m gaining new roles and responsibilities, and each has revealed something new that I enjoy. I love finding new talent that would capture the attention of viewers. I love editing videos, making a 3 minute story out of 30 minutes of material– like editing an essay. I love listening to the stories of all these unique characters and the extraordinary things they do and why they do them.

But I haven’t always done something I love, as any longterm blog readers will know. I’d like to list all of the jobs in my life, just for some perspective:

  • Cold Stone Creamery ice cream scooper & cashier
    • Sang cartoon theme songs for tips after mixing ice cream with toppings on a stone.
  • Resident Assistant
    • In charge of a hall of college students who can’t decide if they love or hate you.
  • Summer Camp teacher at farm camp
    • Taught kids how to properly handle llamas, pick up pig poop, and chase chickens.
  • Singer at Busch Gardens*
    • Sang for thousands of people every day dressed as an Italian villager, slutty Barbi witch, or whimsical Christmas princess (depended on the season).
  • Server at Cheeseburger in Paradise Bar & Grill
    • Learned how to be a waitress.
  • Assistant to woman who owned her own high end soap business
    • Worked out of a woman’s home on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, who I met on an airplane, who runs a high end skin care line and needed me to package the soap bars, run errands, and call clients. She wore lingerie most mornings, despite being 65 years old with more plastic surgery than you could ever imagine, but you never would meet a nicer woman.
  • Assistant to a lawyer
    • Typed up legal papers and delivered documents to the NYC court house a few times a week. For the lawyer of the soap lady.
  • Server at a restaurant in Chelsea, NYC that I don’t remember the name of
    • Only had this job for a few weeks, but met a lovely barback who I still follow on Instagram. I quit because I was the only waitress at the restaurant and it was very lonely.
  • Server at Bond 45
    • Where I learned to be a good waitress and met lots of celebrities.
  • Miss New York 2012*
    • Traveled the state of New York giving school assemblies, singing at fundraisers and events, and signing autographs for people who didn’t know who I was.
  • Receptionist at a consulting firm for government contractors
    • Still not entirely sure what I did here, but I made a lot of great friends.
  • Personal assistant for CEO who owned 2 restaurants and 3 retail companies
    • Drove his nice car to the dealer, did some invoicing, dipped my fingers in each of his businesses.
  • Development Team for unscripted production company*
    • Find talent for unscripted TV shows (HGTV, TLC, Bravo, MTV, etc.); edit footage of initial interviews with the talent.
  • Country Cover Band singer*
    • Bop around onstage, pretending I’m Carrie Underwood at bars and private events.

That’s 14 jobs. FOUR.TEEN. Lawd.

The stars (*) denote which jobs I really really love(d). Surprise surprise, all except my current job revolved around singing. Well, I have two current jobs, technically, and one does revolve around singing. (See: Country Cover Band singer.) This means I’ve had 10 jobs that I either didn’t like very much, or I knew weren’t going to be longterm, so it was hard for me to get excited about them.

I had 12 jobs before I found a path that makes sense for me– one that makes me happy AND gives my future a little potential. That’s a lot of jobs.

Not everyone takes as many twists and turns to find something that’s right for them, and some take even more than I have. Frankly, I don’t even know where my current position will take me. But what I do know is that it’s okay not to know.


I’m always amazed when I talk to my friends in their late 20s and early 30s, because the vast majority of them don’t know exactly where their careers are taking them either. It’s easy to think that after 7-10 years in the workforce, you have a general idea of what you want to do, or at least where you’re headed. But usually, that’s not the case. From my little census, most of us are just trying to make enough money to start saving a little for retirement (maybe…?), pay rent/mortgage, and generally seem competent to the powers at be (i.e. parents).

Or maybe you know exactly what you’re doing, in which case, good.for.you.

Or maybe you’re doing something that you know might not last forever, like riding the wave of a new age entrepreneurial endeavor (looking at you, Bachelor contestants & yes, even some of my favorite bloggers)…and then what?

now what

Who knows! The only thing I do know is that it’s all going to work out. As long as we work hard, keep our eyes peeled for open doors, and welcome change, then things will eventually come together. Some of us may finally find our path, and some of us may switch paths well into middle-agedom. That’s cool too!

I’ve decided to stop putting pressure on myself to “see” where I’m going to be in 5-10 years when it comes to my career. All I know is that I love where I am right now. And that’s enough for now.