Wow, hi, it’s been awhile. Remember me? The name’s Shannon. Nice to see you again!

Bachelor recaps took over my blog life for the past few months, but it’s high time I post something that doesn’t revolve around a 36 year old man who loves skinny jeans 30% more than he loves his fiancé.


I think today’s post needs to be something of a catch up, so enjoy the random thoughts and stories that will likely hold no cohesive theme or purpose.

Some of you may have seen on Facebook that I’m doing the Brooklyn Half Marathon in t-minus 7 weeks. I do not enjoy running. But my brother and sister-in-law run it every year, and this year my dad decided to join them…which meant that I’d feel like a real failure if I didn’t hop on the train. The good news is that this has motivated me to workout four times a week for the last two months. The bad news is that I still don’t like running and will probably sob in pain from mile 9 to mile 13.

If you want to give me extra motivation, please go to my CrowdRise page HERE to donate a few bucks to the Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network. I’m running in honor of my mom, who was an avid runner and passed away of bladder cancer in 2012. If I’m going to torture myself for 3 hours, might as well do so in the name of something important, right? Finding a cure– or even simply better treatment options– for bladder cancer requires funds for research, which is why dolla dolla bills are important. Giving up [lattes, alcohol, nightly calls to a remote psychic– pick your poison] for a week to put that money towards cancer research sounds like a pretty reasonable trade off to me! Dooooo it.

Other quick(ish) updates about my life:

  • Aaron and I are buying a house. Only waiting on one more hurdle until it’s official. EEEEEEK. She’s a beaut and I can’t stop watching Fixer Upper in anticipation of decorating.
  • I’ve started taking Noma on bike rides in a basket between my handle bars, and nothing has ever brought me more joy.noma bike ride
  • Speaking of Noma, she got spayed and had the worst recovery ever. It included
    • a) all the butt baths you can possibly imagine
    • b) two follow up trips to the vet, and
    • c) the greatest mystery of our generation, when Noma IDreamofGenied her way off the bed (which she can’t get down from because it’s too high for her to jump) and landed in the corner of my parents’ guest bedroom without hurting herself. I’ll spare you the details of the scene at 3 a.m. when I realized she was no longer in bed with us.
  • The country cover band that I sing in has had way more gigs than I anticipated when I signed onto this venture, so in the past month, I’ve stayed up past 2 a.m. exactly 8x more than I have in the last five years combined. I’ve only witnessed one bar fight, but I had an escape plan already mapped out, so I didn’t panic and just kept on singin’ She Cranks My Tractor like the professional I am.
  • I am now working for the production company in their unscripted department 3-4 days a week, which means:
    • Apparently my calling is to work in the reality television world, which should surprise absolutely nobody.
    • I am getting pretty good at video editing, which means I now have the power to create some ridiculous miniature movies starring Noma. You’re welcome in advance.
    • Between this and the band, I am officially making significant money doing things I love to do, which has been the #1 goal since I quit my previous 9-5 job over a year ago. Yay!
  • I’ve discovered Birds Eye Steamfresh and Protein Blends, and they are all I eat even though I’m pretty sure they’re meant to be side dishes. (I branch out only on Sundays when Aaron and I brunch after church and Wednesdays when my girlfriend always cooks the most outrageously amazing meals for our weekly girls night.)
  • Aaron and I took a glass blowing class, which was an aggressive 2 day, 14 hour commitment that culminated in making my own wine glass. We were supposed to just make water cups, but naturally I asked the instructor if I could make a stemless wine glass instead. #overachiever #shootforthestars
  • I’ve seen Beauty & the Beast in theaters twice since it came out a week ago. Duh.batb

There’s plenty more, like how I accidentally ensued panic one night during a reunion with 10 of my girlfriends from college when we stayed in a remote lake house for a weekend, and the night Aaron and I watched Moana and the Minions movie back to back. But I think we have enough bullet points for the time being, sí?

I will say that my biggest revelation in the last few months came just last week when I was on the elliptical listening to the Modern Love podcast. In this particular episode, the editor spoke about his experience reading 80,000+ essays on love over the last 13 years. His insight was fascinating– especially for a writer like me, who could philosophize about relationships for at least 90% of my waking hours without batting an eye. Aaron can attest to that, bless his heart.

marriage gif

Without giving away too much, I will share that the Modern Love editor inspired me to finally conceptualize something that I’ve been wanting to write for years, but could not find the right angle. Those 45 minutes of sweating through his words and subsequent brainstorming at the gym somehow provided the clarity I needed. It all came together in my mind, and I couldn’t be more excited about this new project that I hope to share with all of you by the year’s end!

And last but certainly not least, I’m heading to NYC this weekend to visit family and friends, but also to join one of my favorite podcasts! I was invited to be a guest on the How to Adult Podcast, featuring two hilarious New Yorkers who take the inner stream of consciousness of pretty much every young female adult and verbalize it into a microphone. They have so many listeners that I will probably be slightly terrified, but the good news is they drink wine while recording, so that should take the edge off.

How to Adult is definitely not for the ears of anyone over the age of 40, or anyone easily offended/who can’t see past a bit of classic New Yorker vulgarity, but its unfiltered realness hilariously covers topics from online dating to politics to that moment you realize you’d rather be in sweats at home on a Friday night. If you’re my parents’ age or a raging Trump supporter, I beg of you not to listen. If you’re a 20 or 30-something woman who is trying to figure out if you can look past a foot fettish on the first date, or sometimes enjoy sushi when you’re hungover, I think you’ll love it. Stay tuned for when my episode goes live!

Well, it’s been really nice to catch up, you guys. Missyouloveyou.