Halloween does little for me, except when seeing how excited and creative my husband becomes as he dreams up costume ideas. It’s truly inspirational. This year, however, we can’t celebrate because we’re getting our little puppy today! As you’re reading this, we’re driving out to West Virginia to pick up our little mountain momma! We figured we’ll be busy cuddling and playing with her all weekend, so it’s best not to go out to any big parties or anything like that. (This pleases me, but is a true sacrifice for my husband. Love you, honey. We’ll go big next year.)

Since we’re staying in all weekend, this means we’ll have to get our Halloween fix by way of the television. One little problem…I hate scary movies. I have enough trouble sleeping as it is with my fear of the dark. Guts and gore and suspense lead to a level of panic I can’t even begin to explain. I let my friend convince me to watch one episode of American Horror Story last week during our husbands-are-deployed-sleepover, and it resulted in me climbing into bed with her because I felt too vulnerable sleeping alone on the couch in the living room.

Thus, I’ve been brainstorming movies that Aaron and I can watch to get in the Halloween spirit while snuggling our fur baby and keeping my heart rate at a reasonable level, and these are the options:

1. Casper the Friendly Ghost

Raise your hand if you were full-on in love with Casper at the age of eight? He was so dreamy when he became a person at the end. This movie reminds me of all my pre-teen angst, my first love (Casper, duh), and why you should be nice to everybody. I love it so much.



2. Halloweentown

This was my FAVE back in the days of my obsession with Disney Channel Original Movies. Sign me up for Smart House, Motocrossed, and The Thirteenth Year all day, every day. But when October rolled around, I lived for Marnie and her family of witches in Halloweentown. Marnie was a bit homely, which made chunky lil’ me feel normal, plus who doesn’t love a good save-the-people plot line? This is the kind of movie that you can enjoy even as an adult. At least I do.



3. Nightmare Before Christmas

It’s hard to make a cartoon overly scary. Add in a little music and romance, and I’m hooked. I will say, though, it took me years of hearing about this movie before I watched it one December and found out it wasn’t a Christmas movie.



4. Hocus Pocus

I need you all to sit down for a second. You good? K.

I’ve never seen Hocus Pocus.


However, this makes my list because it’s the #1 movie on my list to see right now, squarely in front of Back to the Future. (I KNOW!!) For my entire teenage existence, I thought Back to the Future was the same as Blast from the Past, starring Alicia Silverstone from Clueless. My life has been a series of lies, and I’m still catching up. Including on Hocus Pocus.



5. Double Double Toil and Trouble

I want to make sure you understand that I’m not simply listing children’s movies. These are legitimately movies I recommend for adults to watch during Halloween. Double Double Toil and Trouble deals with financial stress (super mature and realistic plot line), twins (only the coolest people ever), and a magic wand (yessss). Plus they make the same face I do when someone tells me witches are real.



6. Harry Potter

You can watch any of them, or preferably all of them. If I must choose, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone is probably the most Halloween-esque since it’s when Harry is first introduce to magic. But all of them are about a school dedicated to witchcraft and wizardry, so…you’re welcome for pointing out that Halloween is the perfect excuse for a HP marathon.


Also, I will always use any mention of HP as an opportunity to remind you all of my doppelgänger, Professor Trelawney:



7. Edward Scissorhands

I have such a soft spot for Eddie Sciz. He’s just a weirdo who falls in love. Isn’t that really a description of all of us, at heart? For a Halloweeny movie, this one gives me lots of warm feelings and emotions.



See?? Who says scaredy-cats can’t get excited about Halloween entertainment? Have lovely weekend in front of the T.V., everybody! For lots of videos of our adorable new puppy, follow me on Snapchat! @shannythegranny