As you may have read last week, my husband and I are getting a puppy! Eeek!!

With a puppy comes lots of puppy stuff. Of course, I know that most of you probably want to see an actual photo of our little girl, but I don’t want to reveal her to the whole world before Aaron gets home! Even though he’s deployed for over half the year for the next three years, our goal is to maintain our sense of togetherness whenever possible. Part of that means making public announcements as a couple, and doing anything and everything together if we have the chance. I even spent extra, extra time searching for a little pup that would be available for us to pick up together! It’s the little things like meeting your puppy together for the first time that create memories that bond you together. Marriage– simple as that, folks! 😉 (I kid, I kid. Kind of.)

Anyhoo, even though I’m not going to show you a picture yet (Keyword: yet…don’t you worry, there will be more than you know what to do with once she’s in our arms!), I do want to share some of her swag! I’ve never had more fun researching random items in my life. I’ve never put this much effort into stuff for myself, I can promise you that.

Aaron and I agreed that little Nome-face (her name is Noma, short for Sonoma, the wine country– or Northern Massachusetts, if you’re a New Englander) will look fantastic in aqua! Hint at her appearance: She’s a red head. And as Aaron immediately quoted, “Red heads look great in green!” Or bluish-green, in this case!

Here are some of the goodies! My part time job working as a talent scout for the unscripted department of a production company has fun little incentives on Amazon, so the best news is that we used my rewards from last month to cover everything! Well, almost everything. I chose to get the collar and ID tag from Etsy because I have no self control when something is ridiculously cute. The anticipation of actually seeing Noma use all of this stuff is killing me!


Collar: She’ll be repping her Coast Guard daddy with some anchors! The aqua color in the middle, of course!


Leash: An adjustable aqua leash that can go from 3.5-6 feet! Am I giving away that she’s small…?


Harness: When I bring her to exciting public places, I’ll attach the leash to this beauty so she doesn’t choke herself! Thought I’d switch it up a bit with the purple!


ID tag: Replace Belle with Noma, and voila! I wanted an extra small tag, so this half inch dangler is about as dainty as you can get!


ID Tag (back): We’re planning on never losing her, but if we do, let’s hope her saviors can read in a circle.


Dog Bed: I mean, can you EVEN with the 1800s newspaper design?? The nerd in me is going wild. Plus it’ll match every room, and has hugely rave reviews!


Blankie! If she’s attached to the blankie she’s been using since birth, we’ll use this one to put down in the car or in her crate!


Toys: Two little squeakers to add to the collection she’ll already be coming home with! I know, I know…plush toys may not last long with puppy teeth, but they were too cute to pass up.


Food bowls (travel): Collapsible travel bowls so she can have water in the car or on the go! And food of course, which will be important if she’s anything like her momma!


Food bowls: Her official daily dog bowls with a silicone base to keep things a little bit cleaner! We’ll see how it actually works. 😉

Alright, guys, that’s all I’ve got for you! Only a few short weeks until you get to meet the main event!!