My husband and I have been toying with getting a dog for quite some time now…as seen by that time I compared doggie parenting to human parenting. Same same but different but still the same, right? ūüėČ

Well, folks, today’s the day I get to announce that we are officially¬†welcoming a little girl to our family in about a month!

That’s right, Aaron and I are getting a puppy!! We were able to FaceTime this past weekend and search for our perfect pup “together.” As luck (and obsessive research on my end) would have it, we found her! I’m going to keep the details about what she looks like under-wraps until we get to take her home in October or November, but I will tell you that her name is Noma! Short for Sonoma. As in the wine country, of course!


Had we found a perfect little boy to join our family, his name would have been Hondo, the name of the alien in Aaron’s favorite movie about two human-looking aliens who come to earth and start writing the best folk music ever known to man. (You read all of that correctly.) Who knows…you may see a little (or big!) guy named Hondo joining our family wayyyyy down the line. Like, WAY. For now, we’re stickin’ with lil’ Nomeface.

I’ve texted some friends pictures of our precious peanut, and she’s already a lucky lady with lots of aunts and uncles who are very excited to meet her! While sharing the good news, I experienced one of those moments where I was¬†taken aback by the magnitude of something¬†I just said.¬†I was text-chatting with one of my favorite girlfriends about Noma and felt completely¬†struck with awe by these three little words that escaped my fingers:

“Life is happening.”

Yes, we can shape our lives for the better by making good choices, working hard, and developing a positive outlook, but sometimes, life just happens. Out of nowhere, it starts unfolding in all sorts of ways. Sometimes bad, sometimes good, sometimes expected, sometimes surprising. But one day you wake up and realize that, somehow, all these days of work, socializing, Netflixing, relationships, dinners, etc. all add up to LIFE.

Right now for me, “life is happening” means that HOLY COW I’m married, and we’re getting a puppy, and we’ll probably have kids eventually. All of the things I’ve always assumed would happen when I was little– then feared wouldn’t happen when I was a young adult– are happening. I don’t feel old or weird about settling down, because it’s what I want. Some 28-year-olds think the idea of starting a family sounds super insane, while others want it badly. We all have our own dreams. For me, a family was and is the dream…and ohhhhh my, let the games begin.

[Yes, DUH, I count getting a puppy as expanding our family.]

While I don’t feel unprepared or weird or old, I do feel like I’m having a bit of an out-of-body experience. Realizing that you’re in such a beautiful turning point in life is pretty surreal. I’m married. We’re getting a pup. We’re making plans for when the best time to have a baby would be and when the best time to buy a house would be and when the best time to start ordering wine by the case would be. Sure, making plans is a bit silly since you never know how timing will work out with a lot of these things, but still. We’re talking about them!¬†Wasn’t I just graduating high school yesterday?!


Like I wrote about last week, sometimes I want time to speed up, and sometimes I want it to slow down. Right now, I want it to slow down so badly. Yes, I miss my husband fiercely. I want the puppy in my arms right this second. But boy is it all so beautiful, right now, in this moment, today. Looking forward to kissing my husband on his ship’s pier for the last time when we have no one to think about but the¬†two of us.¬†Looking forward to holding Noma for the first time. Looking forward to cuddling with both of them on the couch. I know life isn’t always as sweet as those imagined moments, but it’s still such a gift, nonetheless, and I want to soak in every moment as much as possible– from the anticipation to the¬†arrival and beyond.

I’m abundantly grateful that life is happening in the way I’ve dreamed, despite some horrible things happening along the way, like the loss of my mom and painful heartbreak and that moment last week when a snake popped out from between the wooden planks on the walkway to my house. (I thought my life would stop happening in that moment, I tell you what.) Yet through the hard times, the scary times, and the mundane times, life was simply doing its thing. Now, in what seems like a blink of an eye, it’s happening in a more obvious– and wonderful– way.

I hope this helps all of you to step back and realize that life is happening all around you, too, whether you’re in a magical season like me, or a lonely and frustrating season. Either way, it’s still happening! Do what you can to make the most of it, but also¬†trust that¬†while terrible things can happen in the blink of an eye, so can amazing things. You can wake up one morning and realize that you’re right where you want to be. Just keep moving forward, and stay excited. Because life is HAPPENING!!