Love, relationships, breakups, weddings– I’m fascinated by all things Romance. I’ve written about red flags in relationships (HERE), how to handle breakups (HERE), why I thought I was destined to die alone before meeting my husband (HERE), how I finally knew Aaron was It (HERE), and what it’s like to get engaged after just two months of dating (HERE).

Naturally, “dating and relationships” needed its own podcast. Actually, I can assure you that this is just the first installment of many future podcasts focused on the love realm.

This week, my new pal @williamhall4 (follow him on Insta!) helps me delve into relationships and why so many of them don’t work out. What are the red flags? Why can’t I stop stalking people on Instagram? Where are these so-called private islands in the Bahamas that I’ve never heard of?

With maybe one too many personal stories to back up our theories and advice, please join us on this journey of wine, social media drama, and exes who did NOT mark the spot. Also, Will’s advice at the end is on POINT, so it’s worth listening to the whole thing– if not for all the juicy stories we share, insight into what works and what doesn’t, and our fanTASTIC personalities (I’d say I’m kidding but I’m not), then at least for the excellent closing advice.

Happy Monday!

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