It feels weird to post anything other than thoughts on the current racial tensions going on in our country, but I’ve decided to not be part of the rage on social media that, in my opinion, doesn’t solve anything. I’m not choosing to be silent (another accusation that shows people have forgotten that lives, decisions, and support exist outside of social media)– rather I’m choosing to speak and act in ways that can make a real change outside of my computer. I know that the argument is that social media is a way to band together, but I’ve only seen it tearing people apart, and for me, personally— I can’t justify getting involved. I’ll get involved in real life, I promise.

With that, I hope you all understand that this post is not to dumb down any of the serious tragedies we’re facing as a society, but if you’re like me, you’re pretty horrified, scared, and frustrated by what you’ve seen on your TVs and newsfeeds. I honestly need a reason to laugh, just to keep my heart from beating out of my chest. Anger can be useful for change when bridled correctly, but so can positivity.

So, at least on this blog, I’m going to attempt to keep things positive. I hope my reasoning is understood, even if you feel that sharing anger is more important right now. Like I stated above, I respect social media as an outlet, but it’s not the one I’m personally choosing for my involvement in bridging the divide that so clearly needs to be addressed and rectified.

I refuse to stop loving a good laugh, especially in the face of darkness. It’s medicinal! Hopefully these little snippets and pictures can help you enjoy one today!

1. The classic goat-Taylor Swift music video. I bet it’s been years since you’ve watched it. Do it again, right now. Gets me every time.


2. Schmidt quotes from New Girl that are made into motivational posters. If you don’t watch New Girl, your life is sadder than it needs to be. You get at least 3 guaranteed laugh out loud moments every episode…if you just push through the first 5 episodes of the series, which I actually hated. This Schmidt poster is my personal favorite:

schmidt quotes


3. This AMAZING prank by Ellen DeGeneres and Adele. It’s so hilarious. I know it’s a solid 5 minutes long, but I promise it’s worth your time.


4. These dogs failing at being dogs. You have to watch at least 30 seconds, and then you’ll find yourself slowly but surely shaking with laughter.


5. These Bachelorette contestant lookalikes. (Full article HERE)

jordan lookalex lookchristian look


I hope at least one of the things on this list made you laugh– or at least crack a grin! Happy Friday! Fill your weekend with lots of love. <3