Most horoscope stuff is hocus pocus hogwash, if you ask me. Never once have I had “great financial success” during a random October even though the horoscope section of Cosmopolitan said I would. Nonetheless, I do kind of believe in zodiac signs in terms of people’s personalities.

I’m a Cancer, which I mentioned in my recent post about aliens. Am I turning into a hippy conspiracy theorist? Maybe. Just you wait until the day I decide to blog about my experience with a psychic medium! Oh yes.

fifth sense

Cancers have the reputation of being super emotional with a hard outer shell and a vulnerable interior, plus a strong need for stability. Honestly, that sounds a lot like someone I would hate to hang out with, so kudos to my friends for liking me. Whether I like it or not, everything I read about Cancers rings true except the hard outer shell. My outer shell is basically made out of rice paper. That’s mainly because I have a lot of Gemini in me since my birthday rides the line of Gemini and Cancer.

My dad is hating this post so much right now.

Hear me out. Humans are made of what, roughly 60% water? Or in my case, 40% water and 20% wine. Either way, that’s a whole lot of H2O. If the gravitational pull of the moon affects the ocean’s tides, wouldn’t it also affect the water in our bodily systems? Any change in your bodily system can affect the way you feel, which leads to the conclusion that of course our moods change depending on gravitational pulls. I haven’t done enough research to fully understand what birthday months have to do with all of this, but whatever. I’m not looking to be an expert on the subject. I’m just saying that the horoscope hocus pocus has at least a drop of legitimacy.

In terms of relationships (my favorite subject), a Cancer woman and a Capricorn man are apparently considered the “mother and father of the zodiac,”* which I’m pretty excited about since my husband is a Capricorn. Zodiac royalty! Booyah!

*All of my “facts” about zodiac signs come from online resources that have a 30% chance of being made up by someone on the internet who has no idea what they’re talking about.

it's shady

Anywhere you look on the interwebs will tell you that Capricorn men are incredibly patient and even-keeled, while Cancer women are, uh, not. Makes me feel kind of bad for my husband Capricorn men, but apparently us female Cancers are super nurturing, which Capricorns are drawn to, even though God only knows what side of bed we’ll wake up on. At least we keep things interesting…?

Capricorn men and Cancer women are both super into loyalty and attachment, so basically we will stick things out no matter what. This probably also explains why my husband and I got married 5 minutes after meeting each other. And this also means that I’m 99.9% positive we’ll never break up, which is probably a good thing since we’re contractually and spiritually obligated to love each other until we die. #romance

Don’t worry, I don’t love him out of obligation. I actually enjoy my husband. But I’m not stupid enough to think that our mutual strength of loyalty won’t come in handy throughout life.

Despite what you’ve read so far, I’m not here to walk you through your sign, and what that means for you compatibility with the opposite sex. If you have access to my blog, you have access to Google, and you can figure it out. Or read this:


For today, I just want to use the zodiac as a learning tool.

As regular readers know by now, I’m a big, big advocate for introspection. If you’re not constantly, or at least consistently, evaluating yourself, then you’ll become either horribly boring or a total witch. I firmly believe that life is about self-growth– and with self-growth, other joys and successes will follow.

Why are you not where you want to be in your career? Evaluate your dedication, priorities, time management, education, and networking skills.

Why are you constantly having your heart broken? Evaluate your confidence, needs, and reasons for being attracted to certain types of people.

Why are you unhappy with your appearance? Evaluate where you look for approval, why you self-destruct with food (or whatever), and what triggers such insecurity.

Why are you unable to develop new, lasting friendships? Evaluate your openness, willingness to make an effort, ability to engage, narcissism level, or dependence on social media.

Everything you want in life boils down to a shift in attitude, perspective, or behavior. As you know, my motto is Happiness is a Choice. And that takes a whole lot of personal adjustments via introspection.

Zodiac signs may seem silly, but I actually think they’re yet another helpful tool for self-awareness. Even if you don’t believe in their legitimacy, why not read what your sign “says” about you, and challenge yourself accordingly? I don’t simply accept the fact that I’m an emotional, moody person. I take those personality traits as a challenge to become more even-keeled and in control of my behavior. While those things may be my tendencies, that doesn’t mean I can’t aim to overcome their negative aspects. The first step in self-growth is figuring out what you’re working with, and the zodiac is a pretty decent way to start.

defy stars

While zodiac signs can be an excellent tool of self-awareness in terms of self-growth, they can also help you see the great things about yourself. A lot of us are in need of a true confidence boost, and the zodiac does a really great job pointing out all the great things about each sign. Cancers are great with money, loving and nurturing, and very socially adept. Geminis have strong creative talent and the ability to dream big. I love those things about me!

Recently, I’ve been really hard on myself for the things I need to change– like my emotionally charged nature, and the way I easily fall into unhealthy habits when I’m tired or overwhelmed. Perhaps I don’t have a hard outer shell, but I definitely go through major stages of wanting to block out the whole world. Reading about my strengths helps build back up my self-love, which is something that’s really been lacking recently. I don’t want to ignore my need for growth, but I also have to be careful not to self-loath.

So, whether you believe them or not, maybe spend a few minutes Googling your sign today. Let what you read serve as a springboard to becoming a better (and more confident) you.