Normally, Tuesday mornings on my blog are reserved for Bachelorette Recaps. Sadly, I can’t watch this week’s episode until I return from Alaska on Saturday, but I plan to have the recap up by Sunday night, which gives you a solid 24 hours to catch up before the next episode airs the following Monday.

Instead for today, here’s Episode 2 of the Generation grannY Podcast!

While I’m not one to usually get overly hyped about celebrities, I needed a little levity in my life. And what’s a lighter subject than discussing famous pop stars and actresses?

In this podcast, I give you my thoughts on the Taylor Swift/Calvin Harris breakup, and share a CRAZY story about her newest beau, with whom she was caught kissing earlier this week in Rhode Island. Then there’s this question: Does Taylor know how to time travel? I contemplate┬áthat possibility for a bit, before explaining why Ellen DeGeneres, Mindy Kaling, Kristen Bell, and Bethany Hamilton are also at the top of my favorite female celebrities list!

Action, in 3…2…1…