This morning, I woke up from the buzzing of a text message from my friend who was stranded in a parking lot. She is a nurse who had an overnight shift at the hospital and tried to drive home afterwards, only to discover that her car had no more gas in the tank. I got out of bed like an adult…it was 8 a.m. after all…and took her to a gas station. I also made her promise that she’d read my blog post about learning the hard way. Help me help you.

When friends call me to ask for favors, I always feel incredibly honored. Generally, asking for help takes a certain level of humility and closeness, so it sheds light on the people you feel like you can count on under any circumstance. I’m really proud to say that I’ve done the following things for my friends:

  • Picked up someone from a metro station after she lost control of her bowel movements on the train (probably the greatest story ever to exist)
  • Put lotion on my friend’s legs while she was putting on her makeup, because she was running late for a date
  • Adjusted the ace bandage around my friend’s boobs after she had a double mastectomy
  • Edited my friend’s mother’s obituary
  • Sprayed butt glue onto a pageant friend’s behind so that her bathing suit wouldn’t ride up during the swimsuit competition
  • Talked to the police at 4 a.m. because I was the emergency contact for my friend whose purse was stolen (and found– which is why they called!)

i got you

My friends have done just as many ridiculous, inconvenient, and compassionate things for me. Each time I have to call someone because I need a ride to the airport or help moving into a new apartment, I am reminded of how lucky I am to have dependable friendships. Friendships that go beyond fun nights out on the town or lunch dates at work. I once had a coworker drive 30 minutes to bring me rice, gatorade, Advil, and a bunch of other goodies on a Saturday morning after he found out I’d been awake all night with severe food poisoning. And no, he did not have ulterior motives, because his fiancé actually did most of the shopping for the care package. Generation grannY readers are now my coworkers– so lucky you! Big shoes to fill. Better hope I don’t get sick anytime soon.

If a friend ever calls on you for a favor, or simply tells you of a distressing situation without a direct request for help– go give them a hand. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it should serve as a pleasant reminder that you are a trusted source of support in someone’s life. And on a selfish note– they’re more likely to return the favor when you’re in a bind.

Life is so much sweeter when you share it with people you love, and what better way to foster love than to show unwavering dedication and no-questions-asked backup? Sure, you may have to get out of bed earlier than you would’ve liked, or your hands might be stained for a few days with self-tanner you applied to a friend’s back, but cultivating a circle of support is totally worth it.

Today’s post is short and sweet, but sometimes all we need is a little reminder or push in the right direction! 🙂

push gif