Good morning, all! I said I’d share a video from the wedding of the original song I wrote/sang for Aaron, so here it is!

A few notes:

  1. Sorry I am so shaky at the beginning…I was slightly nervous and emotional. Can’t imagine why!
  2. I never claimed to be a pretty crier, and boy is it weird-looking when I’m singing and crying at the same time at the end.
  3. Our awesome videographer The Girl Tyler took clips from our original wedding video and intermingled them here to make things more interesting. Thank you so much, Tyler & co., for our own little music video! You are the best, and have gone above and beyond since the moment we met. <3
  4. Chords written by my friend Eric Throne; Words/melody written by Yours Truly.

Enjoy! I love you, Aaron!

Shannon & Aaron | “Love This Life” | Yacht Club at Marina Shores in Virginia Beach, VA from The Girl Tyler on Vimeo.