I am so excited to share with you Generation grannY’s new website! I hope you find it more exciting, visually appealing, and easy to navigate. (Similar to how you should feel about a new relationship.) We’re still waiting on making the title up top a little bigger, but other than that– we’re rockin’ and rollin’! Pretty sure the only makeover better than this website’s was Topanga’s haircut circa 1996.

When I started blogging almost five years ago as a way to document my new life in New York City, I never knew that writing about my poor eating habits would one day become a viable career, but here we are. Although I no longer live in the Big Apple, I get to share my experiences with modern workout classes and failed relationships for a living– all from a cozy Starbucks in my home town of Virginia Beach. Oh, life. Thanks for being so bizarre. And thanks to all of you who come to read, laugh, cry, relate, and maybe even judge. You’re the best coworkers EVER!

I’ve absolutely loved seeing friends of friends of friends comment about the ridiculous Bachelor Recaps, laugh about about bad fashion and annual Miss America Predictions, and even get hyped about my wedding. There’s so much left for us to enjoy together, like new posts about my favorite subjects (relationships, food, and choosing happiness), podcasts, videos, and even some OOTDs! That stands for “Outfit of the Day,” for my fellow grannies out there. I’m going to be doing it all, so buckle up.

Time for a shameless plug! If you enjoy reading this blog, please consider giving it a share on Facebook! And go ahead and “like” the official Facebook page while you’re at it! You can even share that page, too! Whatever calls to you. I’m so excited about growing this little dream of mine, but its success has everything to do with all of you who read and pass it along. So, here’s a BIG cheers to you for the support you’ve already shown to help make this a full-time gig, and thank you ahead of time for spreading the word!


To officially kick things off, let’s take a look at my first OOTD, shall we? As most of you know, I’m not exactly a fashionista, nor am I a millionaire, so I’m not trying to be Olivia Palermo in the style department. But I thought this furry little get up that I wore for the new website photo shoot was pretty fun. Feel free to shop with the links and we can start #twinning.

[Photos by Callie Hardman Photography]

Fur Vest

LOFT jeans

Casual parking garage realness.


kate spade bow earrings

Didn’t do the best job in the world getting jewelry details since these pictures were not intended to be for a fashion post, but what can you do? :)

cedrina boot

Cropped the only picture I could find with a shoe close up…again, these pictures weren’t meant to be a fashion post!

Jeans: LOFT Curvy High Waist Skinny Ankle Jeans in Mid Vintage Wash. Buy them HERE for 40% off! ($41.70 after discount)

Shirt: J. Crew Long Sleeve Tee in Hot Pink. Can’t find anything similar to it online, which is weird because it’s basically just a pink t-shirt. But you can buy a kind-of-similar top from Rue 21 HERE. ($12.99)

Vest: Faux Fur Vest from Somewhere in China. It’s the only thing I’ve ever purchased on eBay. Get the exact same one HERE in support of Katniss Everdeen. ($25.99)

Boots: ALDO Cedrina Glitter Back Ankle Boot. I guess glitter is on its way out because nothing comparable is still sold anywhere, but buy Cedrina’s boring older sister, Janella, HERE. ($120.00)

Necklace: H&M Necklace with Pendants. Creative official name, guys. Find it HERE. ($9.99)

Earrings: Kate Spade Skinny Mini Love Notes Bow Stud Earrings. Longest. Name. Ever. Buy them on Amazon HERE ($33.00) *Shout out to Abby Grace Photography, my wedding photographer, for giving these to me as an awesome gift! You are the most wonderful.

Wine: Something I randomly pulled from my husband’s stash. But if you’re looking for a solid cab to place on your head like the weirdo you are, try R Collection Cabernet Sauvignon by Raymond Vineyards. Find a bottle case near you HERE.