If you’re a generally friendly person, you’ll likely attend your fair share of bachelorette parties over the years. I suggest opening a separate bank account right now so that you don’t miss out in the future, because friends get engaged in bulk. Trust me. Some brides might want you to travel to another country to celebrate their upcoming nuptials (yeah okay- have fun while I pay rent), while some may hold the shindig right in your backyard, but I think we can all agree that it isn’t about where you are, rather who you’re with.

Being somewhere really fun doesn’t hurt though…

Maybe it was the live music on every corner, the endless billboards of my girl crush Carrie Underwood, or simply the sweet smell of summertime (holy alliteration), but Nashville, TN just catipulted to #1 on my list of favorite bachelorette party locations. Supported with personal photo evidence from this past weekend, here are a few reasons why you may want to convince your engaged friends to hold their final fling in this crazy town full of neon dreams and a whole lot of honky tonk badonkadonk:

1. You’ll probably end up hanging out with a guy who looks like this and also casually speaks four languages.


Do yourself a favor and Google Ron Worrell. Do yourself another favor and join the 21st century by watching The Bachelorette.

2. And he’ll probably have a friend who looks exactly like Ryan Gosling.


Fear not, their outfits were costumes- not serious wardrobe choices.

3. And the Ryan Gosling look alike might fall in love with one of the girls in your party, then show up at the airport with flowers to find her the next morning.


You guys. This is real. It happened.


4. You’ll also probably run into these gems.


5. Odds are you’ll see a child prodigy, because parents in Nashville let their talented 10-year-olds sing way past their bedtimes for bars packed with enthusiastic drunks. #dreambig

This is the cutie we got to see tear down the house- Marisa McKaye. You should probably YouTube her.

This is the cutie we got to see tear down the house- Marisa McKaye. You should probably YouTube her.

6. You’ll likely become close friends and confidants with your Lyft driver for the weekend, who will send you emojis throughout the evenings to make sure you’re safe and sound.


If anyone ends up with Lou, give him a kiss square on the forehead for me.

7. You can get beer, candy, and a palm reading all on one block.


8. You can probably find a group of guys desperate enough to talk to your group that you can play mind games, like convincing them that your entire group shares the same first name.


No joke, we spent 20 minutes convincing these suckers that we were all named Shannon. Two of us were named Shannon, so our IDs sealed the deal- and they believed us the rest of the night. So good.

9. If you want to do something wholesome during the day to prove that bachelorette parties aren’t 100% debaucherous, you can visit the Country Music Hall of Fame, the Ryman Auditorium, or even the Nashville Zoo.   


Doesn’t get much more family friendly than this, folks.

10. Virtually every person in Nashville is also at a Bachelor/Bachelorette party, so there are many friends to be made.


At dinner alone, we ran into six bachelorette parties. This is where you can find them in our picture: 1. Taking our picture, 2. In the background, 3-5. Inside the restaurant somewhere, 6. Waiting to come down the stairs

Yeah, I’m ready to go back.