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Podcast Ep. 4: Miss America 2013, Mallory Hytes Hagan

My good friend, Mallory Hagan (Miss America 2013) came to play with me in Virginia Beach for a few days! Obviously, we had to do a podcast…or two. We talk about it all, from the difference between beauty pageants in the South vs. North to guys who’ve ghosted us. (The WORST, am I right??) We also touch on the pros and cons of texting, plus body image and catty online message boards. Then there are these questions: What was it like for Mallory to see her pictures in tabloid magazines? What ran through her mind right when she was crowned...

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Generation grannY Podcast, Ep. 3: Family Vaca + Alaska = Stories

A full week in Alaska with 9 other people, most of whom I happen to be related, certainly leads to many a story to tell. Have I dated a Mormon guy before? Am I capable of fighting a bear? Are glaciers gonna glaish glaish glaish, ice breakers gonna break break break? Did I drunk text a fellow former Miss New York at 6 p.m.? These answers, and more, today on the Generation grannY Podcast! Please...

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Generation grannY Podcast, Ep. 2: Female Celebrities Who Rock

Normally, Tuesday mornings on my blog are reserved for Bachelorette Recaps. Sadly, I can’t watch this week’s episode until I return from Alaska on Saturday, but I plan to have the recap up by Sunday night, which gives you a solid 24 hours to catch up before the next episode airs the following Monday. Instead for today, here’s Episode 2 of the Generation grannY Podcast! While I’m not one to usually get overly hyped about celebrities, I needed a little levity in my life. And what’s a lighter subject than discussing famous pop stars and actresses? In this podcast,...

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Generation grannY Podcast, Ep.1: An Evaluation of Chad on The Bachelorette

I finally recorded the first Generation grannY Podcast, and I’m so happy to share it with you today! Podcasts are the perfect way to kill time while driving or distracting yourself from work, so you’re welcome. This first episode requires absolutely no brain power as you listen– it’s strictly entertainment, as I break down some things about JoJo’s season of The Bachelorette. Writing Bachelor Recaps is fun, but I have to say…talking about it is a whole new level of ridiculous. I read some of evil Chad’s profile outloud, predict the Top 4, and go on tangents about hot...

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