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Bachelorette Recap, Rachel, Ep. 9: Chateau de Lindsay

I thought this episode would be interesting when Rachel showed up in a cargo pants-inspired army green skirt, but alas, that was just to distract from the snoozefest that was her family introductions. Most of the time, the Bachelorette’s family flies to the proposal location to meet the final two, but since Rachel’s sister is 8 months pregnant and her father is way too important to be bothered with superfluous overseas travel, the final three all get to meet the fam in her hometown of Dallas, TX. Rachel greets the three bros in their hotel suite, where they all...

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Bachelorette Recap, Rachel, Ep. 8: Mothers are BLOOD

Chris and Lauren, thank you SO much for the Venmo motivation $$! Look, this is posted at lunchtime the day after the episode!! YOU DID IT! Eric– BALTIMORE, MD As the Hometowns episode opened with a wide shot of downtown Baltimore, my husband perked up. He lived there as a toddler, then again during grad school. Interestingly, both stages of his life involved a lot of stumbling down the streets of Baltimore in need of someone to stabilize him. I don’t think Eric and my husband ran in the same crowd, which is a slight relief, but also a reminder that a giant...

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Bachelorette Recap, Rachel, Ep. 7: A Game of Kiss, Marry, Kill

More excuses for late recaps: Our AC went out, our home insurance wanted to drop us because 3 out of 4,379 shingles on our roof are curling, my husband had a promotion ceremony (Lieutenant Commander…hot title, right?), and I’ve been very busy with my real job. But I did manage to find time to buy Aaron this t-shirt: Alrighty, let’s do this. The girls from Farmer Chris’ season definitely have a running group text complaining about how they got ripped off in comparison to this season. Remember how they didn’t travel internationally at ALL until the proposal location? Meanwhile,...

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You Get Asked A Lot of Questions When You’re Pregnant

You may have noticed that Aaron and I love to travel. Last year, we covered Ireland, Alaska, and San Diego, with smaller trips to New York, Philly, and other East Coast destinations thrown in the mix. This year, we’ve already done Chicago and Germany, plus those same smaller coastline getaways. Since we have to plan for our impending child at some point, we’ve decided to take a break from traveling for the rest of the year. I’m apparently supposed to go into “nesting mode,” but tell that to the entire room of unpacked boxes in our new house. Or...

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Bachelorette Recap, Rachel, Ep. 5 & 6: And Then There Were Six

Obviously I’m the WORST. I cannot get my life together to write these recaps in a timely fashion these days. I’m currently writing this in the Philly airport during my layover before heading to Germany for a wedding. These write ups usually take 3-4 hours, so if any of you can figure out how to turn days into 27-28 hours, let me know. I could really use that necklace Hermione wore at Hogwarts right about now. (Happy 20th Birthday, HP!) How do you guys feel about skipping the Lee/Kenny drama since this recap has to cover FOUR hours of Bachelorette...

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