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One of my favorite things to think about (besides what life would be like if Velveeta Shells & Cheese were 10 calories per serving) is how every single individual has different perspectives and experiences. We may have shared beliefs, similar upbringings, and the same hobbies, but no one among us can ever fully understand any person’s life but his/her own. We live most of our lives alone, in the literal sense and in our heads. You walk or drive to work alone. You sit in your office alone. You daydream during class alone. You are reading this blog post...

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People surprise you a lot less when you don’t have expectations. Expectations of what strangers will be like in accordance with their clothing. Expectations of how your sibling will react to a question. Expectations of what your friends are willing to do for you. We’re conditioned to expect certain behavior, responses, and opinions based on prior experience. But what if we didn’t predict anything about another person? I like to think we’d all just get along. I’m not simply talking about stereotyping, though that may be interwoven in some circumstances. For example, I recently met someone with 28 tattoos,...

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The Truth About Beauty Pageants

Recently, I was at a house party and a friend of a friend I’d just met said, “So, maybe this is a rude question, but you do, like, beauty pageants, right?” First of all, you clearly know that I do pageants, so stop acting like you haven’t already stalked me on Facebook. Secondly, no, that’s not a rude question if you don’t ask it like I’m known for dropping stink bombs in the middle of church. I will admit that I don’t make a big to-do about my participation in pageants because of the stigma attached, but I do...

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