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Bachelor Recap, Nick, Ep. 8: I Know She’s Black

I forgot how much Corinne was freaking out at the end of last week’s episode when Nick was sending home Kristina. She thought he’d send her home, too, which is fair since I’m pretty sure she’s the only person in Bachelor history to make it to hometowns without a one-on-one date. However, I also think she’s the only person in Bachelor history to put whipped cream on one of her lady lumps and tell the Bashler to lick it off. It all evens out. We finally get a solid shot of Vanessa sitting on the couch with the three...

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Bachelor Recap, Nick, Ep. 7: Gonna Blow that Room Up

In the spirit of ABC, I feel like I should start this recap off by spoiling a few things. How about we begin with the spoiler that Rachel is the new Bachelorette! Shall we take a look back on what I said about her in the very first recap of this season? “First one-on-one time (that we see) goes to Rachel. Yes! They have amazing chemistry, and he seems thoroughly impressed by her humble confidence. They talk about normal things, like coming from big families and what they do for a living. Someone give this girl the Bashlerette gig...

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A Response to the Article that says Alpha Women are Unable to Love

My friend recently shared an article about a woman who claims to have the answer to a successful marriage: A wife must let her husband be the alpha, and she must be the beta. It’s called “Society is Creating a New Crop of Alpha Women Who are Unable to Love.” Let it be said that my friend who shared this was not sharing in agreement, rather in a why-does-this-article-even-exist way. You know, I think I have an idea why this article exists. Perhaps I’m being a little too generous in interpreting the author’s intentions, but in the spirit of...

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Bachelor Recap, Nick, Ep. 6: And Then There Were Six

Let’s jump right in, shall we? The girls find out that Taylor was sent home on the two-on-one date when the Red Witch from Game of Thrones removes her suitcase from their suite. Josephine squeals with excitement because this means Corinne is staying! Looks like Corinne has made a friend in the house, folks! Raise your hand if you’re surprised it’s the thespian misfit? (Not to be confused with the lesbian misfit: Jaimi.) Listen, Josephine probably just likes having Corinne around to study her acting skills, because Corinne is the master of improv. The fact that she has managed to...

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An Awkwardly Honest Review of LipSense: A Story of Love, Trust, & Turtlenecks

If I had to choose my two favorite features on myself, I’d go with my collar bones and my lips, with ears coming in a close third. Sadly, I get more compliments on my derriere (good thing big butts are back in style) than I do on anything else, but I guess I’ll take it. Still, I wanted to point you all to the less, erm, popular features I like about myself, because I’m a big believer that all of us can find something to be confident about, even within a society that tells us we have to look like a hybrid...

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