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Bachelor Recap, Nick, Finale: Fourth Time’s the Charm (Or is it?)

Let us review some statistics before we begin, as found in my post “The Bachelor Franchise: A History and a Breakdown.” Before Nick, there had been 20 Bachelors in the history of the franchise. One of those 20 Bachelors is happily married to his winner (Sean Lowe + Catherine). One of those 20 Bachelors is questionably happily engaged to his winner, but with no wedding in sight (Hot Ben + Lauren B). That means the success rate of Bachelor relationships is a whopping 5%. If Hot Ben and Lauren B miraculously make it to the altar, that ups the...

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Bachelor Recap, Nick, Ep. 10 & Women Tell All: You’re a Slob-Kebab

The opening scene for this episode is HANDS DOWN my favorite 60 seconds of television that this show has ever produced, followed very closely by the swimming pigs scene in Hot Ben’s season, with the outtakes of JoJo trying to kill a wasp– again from Hot Ben’s season– in third place. Remember how last episode was all about Raven’s Fantasy Suite date, particularly the great mystery of whether or not Nick would give her her very first Big O? Well, I think it’s safe to assume he did, because this is a direct quote from Raven: “Nick is VERY...

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Bachelor Recap, Nick, Ep. 9: Today is the Day!

I need to start this recap off with a few items of business. 1) Thank you, Tamara M, for giving me the strength I needed this morning to wake up and write this recap. Tamara found me on Venmo and hooked a sister up with some much needed Starbucks money in direct support of these Bachelor Recaps. I cannot tell you how much this motivates me both through caffeine pumping through my veins and the general desire to sit in front of my computer and look through the previous night’s notes that generally look something like this (DIRECT EXCERPT FROM SHOW NOTES):...

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Bachelor Recap, Nick, Ep. 8: I Know She’s Black

I forgot how much Corinne was freaking out at the end of last week’s episode when Nick was sending home Kristina. She thought he’d send her home, too, which is fair since I’m pretty sure she’s the only person in Bachelor history to make it to hometowns without a one-on-one date. However, I also think she’s the only person in Bachelor history to put whipped cream on one of her lady lumps and tell the Bashler to lick it off. It all evens out. We finally get a solid shot of Vanessa sitting on the couch with the three...

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Bachelor Recap, Nick, Ep. 7: Gonna Blow that Room Up

In the spirit of ABC, I feel like I should start this recap off by spoiling a few things. How about we begin with the spoiler that Rachel is the new Bachelorette! Shall we take a look back on what I said about her in the very first recap of this season? “First one-on-one time (that we see) goes to Rachel. Yes! They have amazing chemistry, and he seems thoroughly impressed by her humble confidence. They talk about normal things, like coming from big families and what they do for a living. Someone give this girl the Bashlerette gig...

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