I’m too busy staring at my puppy’s cuteness to write a respectable intro, so I’ll just get straight to the point. Well, actually, I do want to say that my puppy is a literal angel who only wakes us up once a night to go potty, and the rest of the time just does cute stuff and never pees where she’s not supposed to. She hasn’t had a single accident…except the time she got really stoked to see my little brother and did a little tinkle from excitement. That’s been the only one in 72 hours. It’s amazing.

So, besides learning that I have the best puppy of all time, these are the things I’ve learned in the first few days of having a fur baby:

1. Apparently, I am one of those moms who will talk about her children’s pooping habits quite often. Sorry ahead of time.

2. Speaking of dog poop, I surprisingly don’t get grossed out cleaning a dog’s butthole if she’s a dog that I love very much. (Note: Sometimes puppies’ buttholes get clogged)

3. I’m actually a morning person when I’m excited about something (like letting Noma out of her crate).


This was her first time in her crate. Don’t worry, I don’t keep the puppy pad in there. That was just for the first night when I knew she’d be too nervous to wake us up when she had to go potty. Now, she has NOOOOO problem being vocal. Like, none. This caption actually leads me to #4…

4. Everyone tells you what you should and shouldn’t do with your pup. I might punch someone when the same thing happens after I have a human baby. Mad respect to all the moms out there who’ve never thrown a punch.

5. I’m a sharer. I actually really enjoy sharing her with other people.

6. Having a puppy or human baby changes your marital dynamics because now you have to find a snuggle position that works for three bodies.


7. AC units produce a stronger windstream than I’d realized.

8. Carpets and wood floors are inviting, but tile is scary.

9. I’m easily offended on behalf of beings I love. (I kind of already knew this one…but it’s been taken to the extreme  since I find myself feeling defensive whenever someone compares Noma to a rodent. Which is often. Which is lame because she’s 80x cuter than a rodent and already knows her own name. SEE??? Defensive.)


10. I am unfortunately not as diverse and awesome as I’d like to think, because having Noma has revealed that I’m extremely prone to liking people who are similar to me. As in, I want to be friends with everyone who has a dog.

11. I can think of an alarming number of ways puppies can kill themselves.

12. I can be entertained for hours just watching someone(thing) breathe.


13. Lots of people treat babies and baby animals like toys to be passed around, and get offended if you don’t give them a turn, even if the baby needs to rest. These people need not hold the baby.

14. There’s an entire Instagram culture dedicated to dogs. (You can follow Noma @nomalikesonoma)


15. There are multitudes and layers to love that I’m just beginning to uncover.

Alright, guys, I’ve got to go. Noma is trying to chase her tail right now and I need to watch.