Stuff. It’s so fun, but also so unnecessary. But mostly so fun.

Yesterday, Aaron and I wandered around T.J.Maxx looking for a few final things we needed for Noma (TWO.MORE.DAYS.), plus simply to browse all the cute stuff they have. Normally, I’m really not a “stuff” person– truly, I feel anxiety when presented with “things.” I’ve never felt much satisfaction in having new gadgets, home decor, or random trinkets. Recently, however, that indifference has begun to shift. Ruh roh. Watch out, bank account.

I think because buying a house is now on the horizon– and because my job calls for searching for interior design talent that would be good on T.V., I’m suddenly enthralled with home decor. This could also be due to the fact that everyone who has visited mine and Aaron’s apartment seem to really like the way I’ve decorated. It’s really nothing fancy, but I’m pretty proud of the homey feel. It’s got a great “vibe,” shall we say. And each time someone says, “Oh, I really like it in here. It feels so cute and cozy,” I begin imagining more and more ways to make it even better.

I never knew how to describe my interior decorating preferences until deciding which accounts to follow on Instagram for inspiration. Looks like I fall somewhere between “Eclectic” and “Shabby Chic.” Both sound right. I’m all about those titles.


I swoon for this eclectic look.


I also swoon for this shabby chic look.

Now, obviously, you should ignore the white couch in the bottom picture because that’s too much responsibility for my life, but the general look with the gallery wall and neutral tones mixed with wood and wicker is EVERYTHING. Then if you pull in color and worded pillows or wall art from the eclectic design, I think I could just sit in that room and never, ever leave.

I don’t think that I’ll ever appreciate “stuff” as much as some people do, and that’s okay. Unless you’re a hoarder, greedy, or totally in debt, liking stuff isn’t such a bad thing. It can be a hobby, artistic outlet, or an expression of self. The important thing is that with anything you enjoy in life, to remember what’s actually important.

If your home is absolutely gorgeous, but you aren’t hospitable, there’s a problem. If you put more effort, time, and thought into the way you or your house looks than you do into how you make others feel, there’s a problem. If you use gadgets and trinkets as status symbols, there’s a problem. The issue is never with enjoying all the pretty and cool stuff– it’s with how that stuff becomes a need you latch onto for pride, comfort, or self-identification.

As for me, I’ve yet to become attached to things on an unhealthy level, so it’s all just lots of fun. To prove my point, may I present to you some rooms full of stuff that I would buy in a heartbeat if we A) moved anytime soon and actually had space to decorate, or B) had all the money in the world. I hope you enjoy this house inspo as much as I do!


I actually NEED this “The Snuggle is Real” pillow.


My ovaries cannot handle this.


Or this.




This and the kitchen above are both by @blissfully_eclectic on Instagram. Obsessed.


The next three, plus the bed with the snuggle pillow, are all by @shabbydesertnest on Instagram. I want to live in her house.







Okay…I need to stop. This post just became a glorified Pinterest board. Someday, right? <3