Eating in your car gets a bad rap for being a sneaky fatty’s paradise. Listen, yes, sneaking a 1,500 calorie drive thru “snack” in your car is probably a pretty bad practice for someone who’s 400 lbs. I’m not saying health doesn’t matter, but that doesn’t mean eating in your car is always done so out of shame or addiction. Sometimes, eating out of your car is for the simple fact that your car is the best restaurant in town. Let me tell you why:

1. Manners go out the window…literally

I’m totally fine with basic manners in public. It’s not like I resent them. But once in a while, isn’t it wonderful to not worry about eating to fast or eating six french fries at once? Sue me for enjoying my sandwich and not worrying if stray lettuce falls from my mouth. Your car is a private restaurant, where nothing matters except enjoying your meal.



2. Music of choice

Not only can you choose what you want to listen to, you can choose the volume. This granny cannot handle restaurants who blast music, making conversation impossible. Not that conversation is really necessary in the car, given that 9 times out of 10, you’re flying solo. Still, avoiding an annoying restaurant playlist is my idea of fine dining.



3. Comfy seats

Car seats are so comfortable. Think about it, other than your couch, when else do you get to enjoy a chair so plush? Not at any normal restaurant, that’s for sure. Some booths are okay, but they’re also riddled with disease between the cracks. (At least in my mind.)



4. A view

Virginia Beach is stockpiled with restaurants that offer amazing views. Still, there’s something far more peaceful about looking through a wide windshield. Even if the only thing in front of you is a parking lot, I feel like I’m in my own little bubble, safe from the rest of the world, but I still get a front seat view. Maybe that’s just me.



5. An extensive menu

You can literally get ANYTHING you want to eat in your car. Indian? Sure! A sandwich? Absolutely! Sure, you have to actually be near a place where you can pick up the food you’re in the mood for, but still– if it’s there, you can have it.



6. Alone time

As regular readers know by now, I love me some alone time. Sure, I may come across slightly anti-social when I choose to eat Panera in the parking lot instead of driving to lunch with my coworkers (back when I had a daily lunch break), but that was the only time in the day that I could totally shut down and recharge. No way can that happen when around other people. My car is the perfect solution.



7. It moves

Your restaurant is literally on wheels. Some people claim they can’t enjoy eating unless they’re sitting at a table, focusing on nothing but the food. Not this girl. I am way more excited about my food when I’m being productive. Driving from one location to another is considered time not wasted, in my mind. I promise, I drive very safely while eating. And I love every bite.



8. It’s invite only

The only people who can ever accompany you are people you’ve invited to join you in your car. Perhaps it’s a road trip, or perhaps it’s a quick stop between events. Either way, you get to choose the only other person(s) in the restaurant, which means no loud women shrieking at the table next to you, no coworker who never stops talking about her diet, and no eavesdroppers. It’s a totally safe zone for you and your dining companion.



9. You can take a moment to recover

When I finish a meal, I usually want to sit and enjoy the digestion process for about 5 minutes. In a normal restaurant, you can technically do this by sitting there for a few minutes before getting your check. But you can’t throw your head back on the head rest, uncross your legs, and shut your eyes. What a sexy visual, eh? Seriously though, it’s my favorite thing to do.



10. You don’t have to finish your drink

Not alcoholic beverage, duh, don’t drink and drive. But if you’re like me, you’re a slow drinker, so half the time my beverage of choice usually goest to waste. Now, 99 times out of 100, it’s just water, but STILL. It’s so nice to enjoy my beverage as I drive, long after I’ve finished eating.

I can hardly wait for lunchtime! You know where to find me.