Unless you’re one of those really put-together people who refuses to drink wine out of solo cups, the inside of your purse probably looks like somewhere receipts, gum wrappers, and bobby pins go to die.

I occasionally clean out my purse, but only when I get so frustrated when looking for my keys that I dump out the whole thing, and subsequently gasp at my own filth when I see the amount of sand and dirt that pours onto the ground. It’s gross, but I’ve kind of accepted my dirty purses as something I’ll never put energy into changing about myself.

While the important contents of my purse are often overshadowed by stray gift cards and pens with no ink, I do, in fact, keep some must-have items in there. Usually, these must-haves hang out in the side pockets, while the main pouch serves as a landfill for things like candy I might eat someday, or old connect cards from church. Nobody wants to be that girl tossing a connect card into the trashcan on her way out of service.

Here’s what I firmly believe every girl should keep in her purse:

1. Chapstick

No excuses for dry lips, girls. Just be prepared to lie whenever someone asks if you have any, because sharing chapstick is gross. I don’t know why it’s grosser than sharing lip gloss, but it just is.

kiss face


2. Two tampons

One for you, one for a friend. I don’t like bringing this up any more than you like reading about it, but one day you’ll thank me.

baby box


3. Earbuds

How much would it suck to get stuck in a waiting room for an hour and not have earbuds to listen to funny videos on Facebook while using all your data?

earbuds obama


4. Gum

If you like garlic as much as I do, be polite. Carry gum.

garlic bread


5. Your phone


cell phone


6. Card + ID

I never carry cash because I’m way too lazy to hit the ATM, but I’m not dumb enough to run around without a debit card and proof of identity.



7. A working pen

For every 4 empty pens in my purse, you will find one working one. And that pen is just about the handiest thing I’ve ever known.

gosh gif


8. Quarters

Quarters are technically cash, but not really. Just make sure to always have 4 with you at all times. Trust me.

parking meter


9. Bobby pins

This one is easy, because they’ll end up in your purse no matter what.

bobby pins


10. A chewy bar

As a girl who gets aggressively hangry, I try to keep some sort of snack with me at all times. Usually, it’s hard to keep up, though, because if I have a snack…I eat it. I need to pack one daily, which I don’t. But on the rare occasion that I forget I have a chewy bar in my purse, then stumble upon it in a moment of dire straits, there’s no better feeling in the world.

food first


Ladies, are you with me??