This past Friday, I began a month long journey of couch-surfing and deep bonding with my car.

I love my 2012 Ford Fusion, but I hate to admit that she’s always played second fiddle to my 2000 Saturn, which I drove from 2005-2010 before totaling her on Interstate 64 (RIP, sweet girl). It’s about time I do some serious travel with my Ford to finally form the attachment I’ve been missing since saying goodbye to my memory-filled Saturn, which was covered in scattered CDs and leftover sparkle from that time my friends filled my A.C. with a jar of glitter. Ah, high school. #jerks #loveyou

glitter gif

So, why will I be a vagabond for an entire month, you ask? Because I will go to great lengths for love, plus I have the desire to visit every Starbucks on the East Coast in which I will write my blogs every day. But mostly the first part. As you know by now, my husband is currently deployed for about 5 weeks, so I’m basically going to stalk his ship at each of its port calls since this patrol happens to take place in the New England area (unlike usual, when he’s somewhere in a far off land/waters I’d have no chance of visiting). I hope the U.S. government doesn’t detain me for heavily tracking an American vessel, but it’s a risk I’m willing to take.

I won’t say which of these stops actually include a visit with my husband vs. which are just detours to see friends in between ports, because his ship is legitimately protecting our country’s waters and I probably shouldn’t screw that up by letting all the bad guys who read my blog know what’s going on. But this is the general road trip route:

Va Beach–> Annapolis–>Baltimore–>Arlington–>D.C.–>Boston–>Maine–>Philly–>Delaware–>Philly–>NYC–>Middle of Nowhere, PA–>Philly–>Baltimore–>Va Beach.

Thanks to my husband for making this hilarious map showing just how insane this trip will be.

Thanks to my husband for making this hilarious map showing just how insane this trip will be.

I never claimed the route would make any sense, but it’s just the way the cookie crumbled, and I’m rolling with it.

That’s a whopping 2,147 miles. If I drove that same distance in a straight line towards California, I’d end up only 150 miles of short of San Diego. To each of the 8,000 people I’ll be staying with on this great adventure, here’s a big, public THANK YOU. Also, I promise to bring my own shampoo, toothpaste, and wine, and lots of big hugs.

I have five goals for this trip, in no particular order (except #1 is truly #1):

  1. See my husband
  2. Don’t get any speeding tickets, despite my extremely heavy led foot
  3. Eat cheap and healthy
  4. Overcome my fear of driving in New York City
  5. Be an impeccable house guest

We’ll see how it goes. I’d say numbers 2-4 will have extremely questionable outcomes.

speeding ticket gif

You should know that’s my most favorite .gif I’ve ever found. What. Did. I. Just. Watch.

This whole adventure is totally impractical and crazy. In my comfortable World of Grannyland, I’d spend the next few weeks hanging out at home (when I’m not at a wedding), sleeping diagonally in our big, comfy bed, and drinking a glass of wine on the couch while watching The Bachelorette (starting May 23, with recaps here!). Instead, I’ve convinced my husband’s best friend to let me watch The Bachelorette on his T.V. in Philly (the sign of a true man), will be sharing a full size bed with one of my best friends for a week, and am probably going to buy 5 for $25 undies from Target if and when I feel too intrusive/lazy to do laundry at someone else’s house. Things are about to get weird.

Although an adventure of this length is out of my comfort zone, my husband reminded me that when life hands you opportunities to do things that most people don’t get to do, you have to go for it. I don’t have a dog (yet) or children (reallyyy not yet) or an office job that requires me to stay in one place, so why not push myself to do something a bit crazy in order to see my husband, and also to enjoy friends and different cities?

I know that I’m incredibly lucky to have such flexibility in my life, but that hasn’t always been the case. Back when I needed to be somewhere Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m.-5:30 p.m., I still occasionally pushed myself to be spontaneous…usually after a lot of prodding from friends or family. Never have I regretted a spontaneous decision to grab hold of the cards life hands me, like the time I went to Puerto Rico on a whim with coworkers, or randomly flew to Harry Potter World to crash my little brother’s spring break (thanks to the help of my supportive parents). I loved the time I hopped in a car with my roommate’s friends when I was heading out the door to Chipotle, but decided last minute to join them on a road trip to an apple-picking farm and winery. Heck, even my decision to sign the lease to where I currently live was totally spontaneous…and that led to meeting my husband!

So, is it absolutely crazy that I decided last Friday to leave the next morning for a month-long escapade driving up and down the Northeast? Yes. But I bet it’ll give me plenty to write about (can we consider this a work trip, maybe?), plus I can’t wait to see what fun memories I’ll make. Hope you join me for the journey by way of stories on this blog! After all, Generation grannY readers will be my only constant companionship along the way. Happy Adventuring!

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