I take issue with a few things happening in society right now:

1. Victoria’s Secret is about to stop selling swimsuits. This is like McDonald’s no longer selling french fries. Lingerie=burger. Swimsuits=french fries. I don’t care if the burger is the main event…they can’t just ignore the importance of fries to their franchise. Whoa, I think I just found the two words that start with “f” and end with the phonetic “ize,” and managed to put them in the same sentence. That was weird. Anyway, I’m freaking out because I live at the beach and I always counted on Victoria’s Secret to give me swimsuit options that cover my butt in an attractive way. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to recover from this betrayal.

2. Beyoncé released an album called “Lemonade,” which sounds innocent enough, but I read all the lyrics online because I am too poor and lazy to download all the fancy stuff you need in order to actually hear it, and I’ve never read anything more vulgar in my life. I don’t care how “empowering” these songs are. Her husband cheated, and that’s awful, and I’m sure all of the stages of hurt and anger that she shared through these songs are super “real,” but I can’t handle the lack of taste. To me, profanity is uncreative. Sorry, Beyoncé lovers. Can’t get on board with this one.

3. Gas prices in Virginia are almost over $2 again, which is better than over $3 like a few years ago, but I’ve got some big road trips coming up and would really appreciate some affordable fuel, please and thank you.

I just needed to get those things off my chest. Moving on!

Despite a few not-so-great things happening in society at the moment, there’s one really big upswing: The weather! Okay, the weather may not exactly be a societal subject…more like a seasonal or geographical subject…but I’m running with that transition and you can’t stop me.

It’s getting warm outside, guys! Really warm! Warm enough that I had to go back inside to put on a sports bra today because I can no longer get away with wearing nothing but a bulky sweatshirt and workout leggings. Time for some thinner fabrics. A small price to pay for the air not hurting my face anymore!

Unlike most people, I love spring and summer fashion. Everyone else seems to focus on fall clothing, with the boots and hats and layered jackets. That’s fun, but warm weather is where it’s at. You can look cute with simple outfits, which makes decisions way easier, and is much nicer to my bank account. Here are the 6 items I’ll [maybe] splurge on for Spring/Summer 2016…and none of them will break the bank.

1. Block Heel Sandals

Ah, I love when fashion and comfort come together! You can dress up block heels for a summer wedding, or keep them casual with a swing dress (next on the list) or jeans. Plus, the odds of falling over are way down from wearing regular heels or wedges. I don’t know why everyone says wedges are easy to walk in…I’ve fallen to the ground not once, but twice, while wearing wedges. I wish I was kidding.

I haven’t tried on any block heels on yet, but I’m interested in the Franco Sarto Jena Sandals…especially since my Franco Sarto Portier Booties (which I wore around Ireland) are my most comfortable pair of shoes. I’ll have to see if the three strap look is flattering, but I have a good feeling. Then there are the Naturalizer Lena Sandals, because I’m a sucker for anything metallic.

block heel

$89 HERE

block heels

$79.99 HERE


2. Swing Dresses

Swing dresses are great because they’re comfy, cute, and hide the fact that you never quite succeeded in getting that “bikini body” you swore you’d get by the summer back in February. Where did March and April even go?? Same as block heels, you can fancy swing dresses up, or keep them casual. They’re also a great choice if you want to put zero thought into your outfit that day. The most you’d have to do is throw on some jewelry, if that.

I have this Socialite High Neck Swing Dress in 2 colors (striped and lilac), and the fabric is the softest thing I’ve ever felt, plus the length is perfect.

socialite swing dress

$34 HERE


3. Lace-up tops

Careful, this trend can easily go from cute and different to looking like you work in the red light district. It took me a while to figure out if I liked the shoelace-on-my-shirt look, but I think I’m into it. Especially once I started discovering tops in this genre that didn’t dip all the way to my belly button. It’s still probably not the best look for ladies who are, uh, top heavy, but thank goodness I’m a one-sports-bra kind of girl.

I like this Enjoy the Ride Lace-Up Top from LuLu’s. The name of it is questionable, but you can’t ask for perfection.

lace up top

$34 HERE


4. Midi skirts

Midi skirts really came around last summer, but I don’t want the wheels on this train to stop. I’m obsessed. I own two, but that probably won’t stop me from adding at least one more to my collection this year. Structured or flowy? Day or night? Your call. Just make sure to wear the right top to avoid drowning in fabric.

These two from ASOS are on my radar. One flowy (ASOS Pleated Midi Skirt), one structured (Closet Pleated Satin Skirt).

pleated midi polka dot

$57 HERE

structured midi

$98 HERE


5. Ear climbers

I’ve loved these bad boys for a long time, but for whatever reason, I’ve put off ordering a pair. “Whatever reason” might be because I hate spending money on tiny things. It’s just a strange mental block I have. But I’ve finally budgeted out a small amount of “fun money” each month, which I’ll probably be too scared to spend most of the time, but it may be the final kick I need to finally treat myself to these edgy-yet-classy earrings. Budgeting is my favorite hobby.

I love these Baublebar Midsummer Ear Climbers. It was tough to find a picture of them actually on someone’s  ear, so I posted a similar pair below the Baublebar climbers so you can see how they are worn, just in case you’re even more of a granny than I am. “Ear climber” makes sense once you see them on.


$32 HERE

ear climbers


6. Colored lens sunglasses

You can check out this type of sunnies in the picture for #3, too! I love a touch of vibrancy in my wardrobe in the summer, so this trend is right up my alley. Plus all the Bachelor contestants I follow on Instagram constantly do sponsored posts wearing them, so they’re ingrained in my brain as something that I should buy. Well played, DIFF eyewear. Well played. [Pictured: DIFF Tortoise Frame Blue Mirror Lens, worn by Becca Tilley aka Farmer Chris’ #2 (but #1 at heart) and Ben the Ten’s #5.]

diff eye

$50 HERE

diff eye2


That’s all I’ve got for ya. Has it already been a year since last spring? Crazy.