Sunday was mine and Aaron’s first Easter together, which I wanted to share on Instagram, but also couldn’t quite figure out how to do so in a way I felt good about. I didn’t want to upload a picture of us in our pastel outfits with a caption about Jesus rising from the dead, because A) It was too cold to wear pastels, so I didn’t wear the correct color palette anyway, and B) Jesus rising from the dead has nothing to do with pastels and bunny rabbits, so I have a hard time combining those things.

On the other hand, I could’ve just said “Happy Easter” with Aaron and me in our non-Eastery outfits (well, Aaron wore light yellow, so that’s kind of festive), but then I’d feel like I was ignoring the real point of Easter to begin with. Clearly, I put way too much (or the correct amount..?) of thought into this whole holiday. I have no qualms posting “Merry Christmas!” with us by a tree, so I don’t know why I get so hung up on the commercialization of Easter, but we all have our thing, I guess.

That being said, Easter service was amazing. I am always so honored that Randy Singer, head pastor and preacher at our church, and his wife Rhonda spent so much time with Aaron and me during premarital counseling before our wedding. Whenever he speaks, I always see scriptures in a new light, and yesterday’s service was no different. This post isn’t going to be about Easter, but I just wanted to say that I feel incredibly lucky to live by faith, experiencing a peace that many people search for their entire lives. And the reason I can have that peace is because the fact that Jesus rose from the dead isn’t just an urban legend or made up story. The men who saw Jesus in the flesh three days after he was crucified didn’t all have the same hallucination, nor did they die in defense of something that they all made up.

I have a hard time believing in miracles of Jesus’ time because– duh– they’re absolutely insane. But between my research and the undeniable tug in my heart, I know them to be fact, not fiction. I could go on and on about why I feel and know such things, but I won’t. I just wanted to bring it up, because I firmly believe that last Sunday represents the most important anniversary for humankind, and that’s not the kind of thing a good blogger ignores.

I also can’t ignore the fact that I’m leaving for IRELAND today!! Gahhhh!!

In case you are wondering why I’m so excited, here are a few reasons:

Dingle Peninsula

cliffs of moher


jameson distillery

We’re casually staying in this castle:

springfield castle

In the Baroness Room:

baroness room

Other key factors of my excitement:

  • Shannon is the name of the longest river in Ireland, and the name of the airport
  • I’m going to drive on the wrong side of the road for the first time ever
  • Accents
  • Aaron and I specifically chose our room because it’s haunted, which will be both terrifying and hilarious

I was told to pack for cold and rainy weather, which oddly, doesn’t feel like a damper. (Haha.) Because I’m not mad at the thought of cold rain for once, I’ve decided to do a fashion post about how to handle such weather. Fashion is not my comfort zone, but hey, why not? These were my standards when assembling my Irish wardrobe:

  • Cobblestone-proof
  • Rain-proof
  • Cold-proof
  • Eating and drinking a lot-proof
  • Walking around all day and being comfortable-proof

Alrighty, here we go. Below, you will find pictures of what will be coming with me to Ireland. !WARNING WARNING WARNING! I will not be packing light. Sorry not sorry. I work out, so I’m  not worried about rolling a suitcase through an airport. Also, what are husbands for?



el toro boot

Matisse El Toro Bootie for sightseeing

calvin klein boot

Calvin Klein Rochelle Boot for sightseeing

aldo botas

Aldo Riding Boot for sightseeing (No longer available; Link to Sam Edelman Riding Boot)

lace bootie

Franco Sarto Portier Bootie for sightseeing

classic toms

Classic Canvas Grey TOMS for walking around the castle

madden girl wedge

Madden Girl Wedge Booties for dressy dinner night at the castle


Okay, that’s a lot of shoes for 7 days. Don’t judge me. The good news is that I’m only bringing 3 pairs of pants:


loft curvy sknnies

LOFT Curvy High Waist Skinny Ankle Jeans in Mid Vintage Wash

LOFT corduroy

LOFT Modern Skinny Corduroy Pants in Cream (No longer available; can’t find anything remotely similar to share with you)

loft dark rinse

LOFT Modern High Waist Skinny Ankle Jeans in Dark Rinse (Clearly I only wear pants from LOFT)


And 1 pair of leggings:

black leggings

LOFT black leggings (Can’t find the exact pair online, but just be sure to find thick ones that aren’t see-through when you bend over)


In the jacket department, this is what I’m working with:

duffle coat

SEBBY Duffle Coat

olive green coat

Moka Olive & Grey Belted Coat

pebble quilted coat

Laundry by Design Quilted Rain-Resistant Coat


Three coats might be overkill, but whatever. For tops, I’ll be wearing an assortment of oversized sweaters and vests. They will look something like this:

turtleneckloft block stripesweater vestcolumbia fleece vest


So now you know what to expect when you see the 8,000 pictures that will flood your newsfeed next week! Upon my return, I’ll let you know if I forgot to pack anything that turns out to be crucial. (Don’t worry, I won’t forget my umbrella.) That way you’ll be all set when you make your first Irish voyage (DO IT)!

P.S.– I’m not bringing any hats besides one beanie, because hats always always always fly off my head. I’m also bring scarves and pajamas, don’t you worry.

See ya on the flip side!