Tuesday is the forgotten middle child. Everyone complains about Mondays, refers to Wednesday as Hump Day, and gets excited on Thursday because it’s almost Friday. Poor little Tuesday has no real identity. It must be the day of the week with the highest rate of people getting lost, or forgetting their own middle name.

For the last 11 weeks, I was able to define my Tuesdays by Bachelor recaps. Sweet little Tuesday finally found its place in the world, and that was to provide an entire day of reflection on how many marshmallows Olivia the News Anchor might be able to fit into her mouth during a game of Chubby Bunny, or if other people also noticed that Bachelor Ben owns a rose gold iPhone. (Just picked one up, myself, yesterday!)

I will not be recapping another show until Bachelor in Paradise 3 or The Bachelorette— whichever airs first, but I thought I’d offer up one last Bachelor post of Season 20, mostly because I wasn’t mentally prepared to write about anything else on a Tuesday quite yet.

May I present, the Top 10 Most Memorable Parts of The Bachelor, Season 20. Plus 3 honorable mentions.

Honorable mention 1: Lace.

Just Lace, who she is as a person, is almost enough in itself to be in the top 10 most memorable things about this season. She quotes her own tattoo on the reg, is drunk 98% of the time, and scares off men like it’s her job. Honestly, that sounds a LOT like Ashley I-lashes from Chris’ season/Bachelor in Paradise 2, which means Lace will be absolutely perfect on Bachelor in Paradise 3.

Lace the bachelor


Honorable mention 2: Leah’s transformation from a nobody to #2 villain

Never before have producers completely edited out a girl who has the evil potential that Leah held, but this season was full of twists and surprises thanks to a new approach at editing. By episode 6, Leah was well on her way to being one of the most forgettable girls to ever grace The Bachelor, but that took a wild turn when she decided to go out with a bang by bashing girls, lying to Ben’s face, and crying all day in a Spiderman costume ugly red bikini.



Honorable mention 3: Caila’s character shoes

Who says character shoes should be saved for musical theatre numbers or high school glee clubs? The risks Caila took with her wardrobe on the show rarely paid off, but they were certainly something to remember. Which leads me to #10.

caila shoes


10. Caila’s Mother of the Bride shawl

Caila’s Mother of the Bride shawl made not one, but TWO appearances on this season of The Bachelor, which broke so many rules of fashion, I don’t even know where to begin. While the MOB shawl isn’t memorable in a good way, I’m pretty sure no one will ever forget the way it squarely swallowed Caila’s figure in its piles of black sequins and droopy sleeves that didn’t have a defined length.

caila mob lighter


9. Ben farting in the hot tub with Lauren B

I guess they couldn’t have the jets going because it’d be too loud on the microphones, so Ben made some bubbles of his own. Lauren B has a LOT of those to look forward to for the rest of her life with him.


8. Amanda the Mom’s “shirts”

I can’t possibly mention Caila’s MOB shawl and character shoes without addressing the pieces of cloth Amanda the Mom draped across her torso and called “shirts.” At least she had a signature look..?

amanda hometown shirt

I can’t find a picture to top this one that I’ve already used on the blog, but it’s just as funny-looking the second time.


7. Lauren H in her retainer when Ben woke them up in the middle of the night

You’ve already seen this picture, too, but COME ON. It’s so amazing. Lauren H kept it real the whole season, and also did a great job solidifying that all kindergarten teachers are skinny blondes with thick midwestern accents, goofy personalities, and a secret desire to handle lots of balls.

lauren h


6. Emily the Twinless Twin meeting Ben’s parents

Who can possibly forget the look on Ben’s mother’s face when Ben brought Emily the Twinless Twin home to meet the parents mid-season? She was the first girl on the show that Ben introduced to them, and Mom and Dad clearly started to question their parenting skills as they listened to Emily ramble on about hating vegetables and her dreams of wearing skimpy outfits as an NFL cheerleader. Ben’s mom even started crying, bless her.

emily twin 2


5. JoJo’s battle with the bat

I do NOT understand how there is no footage of this anywhere on YouTube, nor a single picture on the internet. I wish I had DVR and could go back to find this man vs. wild battle between JoJo and the bat-moth, because it was obviously one of my favorite parts of the season, even though it was playing as credits were rolling. It was the moment I knew she’d be an amazing Bachelorette. I’m so sorry that I don’t have a lovely media clip to share with you all.

jojo becca

Since I can’t find JoJo fighting the bat-moth, here she is doing my favorite workout with Becca.


4. The pig scene

Greatest group date in Bachelor history, and some of the finest reality television ever dreamed up. Producers will NEVER top this date on an entertainment scale. That’s all that needs to be said. I will say that JoJo looks pretty much the same when she’s fighting pigs vs. fighting bats.

jojo pig gif


3. Ben saying “I love you” to two women

Ben will always be known as the guy who said “I love you” to two different girls at the same time. Perhaps its not the funniest memory of Season 20, but it’ll certainly be brought up all the time during future seasons, so obviously it’s a Top 3 most memorable part of Ben’s adventure.

ben i love you


2. Olivia’s face

Never forget.

olivia mouth


1. JoJo’s mom drinking champagne straight out of the bottle

JoJo’s mother did what we all do when we’re in a pickle, but most of us manage to hide our questionable behavior from millions of onlookers. JoJo’s mom gave 0 flips, and showered reality television with the biggest dose of reality it has ever seen. Here’s to hoping we see a LOT of her when JoJo is the Bachelorette. You better believe I’ll be using this gif all the time during recaps. #1 Mom!

jojo mom gif


There are SO many parts I wanted to include but couldn’t, like when Olivia was left alone on the island after getting dumped or the time Ben told the girl with beady eyes that she smelled “sour,” but that just means we can only hope next season will hold as many beautiful moments as this one did. Until next time, Bachelor Nation!