There is a website that feeds the sometimes scary, occasionally impressive, often underrated minds of pageant competitors and fans. It’s name is fitting: The Pageant Planet, because pageant people– and I can speak freely as a former citizen– live on a far off, eccentric planet full of uncomfortably tan residents who wear crowns to buffet restaurants and lip liner to bed.

The Pageant Planet is a safe place for this entertaining sect of humankind to come together to anonymously vote on which gowns are currently in style, learn which brand of butt glue works best, and read the opinions of bloggers who may or may not have worthy credentials. But really– what are worthy credentials in the pageant world? Good hair? A swimsuit trophy? Tony Bowls’ personal cell phone number? For me, I guess my worthy credentials include a sash that accidentally says “Miss New York 2013” even though I was Miss New York 2012, pictures that are proof I am friends with some former Miss Americas– mostly the ones that the official Miss America Board of Directors hate, and the good fortune to have been roommates for a week with the smart, funny, successful editor of The Pageant Planet. Because of these things, I am worthy to share my opinions and list compilations with hundreds of thousands of readers. Don’t you know it!

Read my first, and hopefully not last, article for The Pageant Planet HERE. The title is “12 of the Most Shocking, Random, and Difficult Interview Questions Ever Asked” because pageant people are nothing if not dramatic. I like to cater to my audience. Enjoy!